Five Friday Favs + Kids Say the Darnedest Things!

Good BEAUTIFUL Friday morning folks!

I hope you all enjoyed Matt’s blog post yesterday!  I sure did, and hope to get more guest bloggers on here in the weeks to come!

So, I’ve been doing a lot of solo time as Matt, as you know, has been biking many hours a day.  So, I decided to get into Friends and re-watch it.  It has been so much fun and I’ve been enjoying it more than I thought I would.  I actually started watching Friends when it began and watched every single episode weekly.  It started when I was in Junior High (yep, I’m aging myself) and I watched it weekly with my family, and then once I went to University I would get together with my two closest Uni friends, Sian and Ally, and we would make supper together and watch Friends, Will and Grace, and Survivor (I’ve watched every episode of all of these shows and still watch every episode of Survivor).

It’s been interesting, as it feels like I’m going back in time and reminiscing with “friends” as I watch the episodes.  It’s been taking me back to some fun times and I’ve been loving it.

Yesterday, the girls had a picnic with the Kindergarten classes.  They were beyond excited for it, as I spoke of yesterday.  I didn’t get to go, unfortunately, but Matt did.  They were SO excited for him to go to their school.

A little boy came up to Matt, and said, “Hi, it’s my birthday tomorrow!” and Matt said, “Oh is it really?  Happy Birthday.” To which the little boy replied, “Thanks, so, what happened to you?”

Haha, well I guess Leah jumped in and said, “Oh, he was rock climbing and he fell and broke his neck and had to go to the hospital.”  The little boy said, “Oh, I bet you saw a lot of doctors, huh?” And Leah answered, “yes, he saw a LOT of doctors.” Haha, she took over the conversation and spoke for her father….juuuuuust the beginning, I’m sure!

And a pic of the girls with one of their cousins who is also in Kindergarten- too sweet.

Last night the girls had swimming and Matt went biking.  We got back and had a fruit bowl and did these neat crafts.

Matt called out while he was on the bike, as he was hungry, and asked Leah to get him a bar.  She brought him a bear paw and said “I thought you would appreciate something different daddy.” What a kid!

Five Friday Favs!!!!

1. I worked on my “zen corner” once the girls went to bed.  Matt got me the glass plant container for Mother’s Day and I had ordered these rattan baskets but had not filled them yet.  So, I got to work.

2. And the glass container, I planted the succulents and put sand around them.  I’m pretty pumped about how it turned out.

3. I also finally got around to putting up this macrame.  I LOVE how it is ombre, with the mustard yellow at the bottom.  I hung it up underneath the painting that Neil did for us, for our wedding.  It’s a Coldplay song. (this is a song that Matt listened to every night while he was in rehab in Toronto.  He said it reminded him of me- so it became our wedding song).  I love the look of them both on the same wall.

4. The girls LOVE helping Matt and I water the plants.  I hope this “helpful” phase never ends.

5. I saw this sticker on the back of the van.  This is essentially me in a nutshell.  Basically just add Harry Potter and Yoga and BAM- me.  I need this sticker!  Someone find it for me, haha.

I’m having some of my girlfriends over tonight to celebrate my girlfriend Krystle’s last weekend without baby.  She goes in to the hospital this week.  So we are celebrating before baby comes.

Then Saturday my entire family on my mom’s side is coming to town.  We do this every May (my nanny’s birthday- but this year she doesn’t want the attention on her, so we are just getting together, not necessarily for her birthday.)  It’s our “lobster feast”, and I’m quite excited about it.

And I’m hoping we can finish our gardening as well.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!!!



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