Five Friday FAVS + Adventures of the Babysitter

We are finally starting to settle into our summer routine!  I find the first few days after I stop working are crazy and we all run around like chickens with our heads cut off!  I don’t know why, but the routine is all out of whack and mornings are hectic.

I also was so busy the last two days since I had my father coming to help me finish up the gardening and I wanted to visit Baby Macdonald plus going out for dinner, so that made things a bit hectic. (another photo because he’s just so darn cute!)

My dad and I finished all of the gardening though, right before it started to rain yesterday.  And I am soooo proud of my hard work (minus the sunburn I got from it).  Gardening is HARD work, and I’m sore and tired but the instant gratification that comes from the difference of the before and after shots is phenomenal.  I would show you, but it’s raining and I don’t want to go take shots. SO I will show you Monday, haha.  But we mulched all around all of our trees and also planted a new tree (a pink crab apple) and finished weeding all of the beds.

Speaking of sunburns….it’s interesting, I don’t often get sunburns as I use sunscreen so I’m not used to it.  It is HOT to the touch, and hurts more today than it has the last two?

Also, it has made me tired- which I googled and because a sunburn raises our temperature it can dehydrate us and make us tired, dizzy or fatigued.  Interesting, isn’t it?  So, today I’m going to rest, and put aloe vera on every hour and just fold the loads and loads of laundry I have. (it usually doesn’t get this bad- but with the last few weeks of school, things get crazy!)

That way, I’m back and ready to go tomorrow when we head to the cottage.

Yesterday, after I got to snuggle Ollie Fox for awhile, I went to get the girls.  We went home and had supper, brushed their teeth and got their pj’s on so that they were ready for their babysitter, Mia.

Until Mia came, all I heard was “When is Mia coming?”  “When is the babysitter going to be here mommy?” and my favourite, “When are you LEAVING mommy!?” – Love you too girls haha.  They were SO excited for a babysitter.  And they had a blast.

They played cards, hide and go seek and cuddle on the couch and read books.

Leah tried to trick Mia with bedtime though, and said, “This is boring, why don’t we switch things up?” – they go to bed really easily, and have a night light in the bathroom, but none in their room.  Apparently tonight, Leah wanted light and insisted that the door be left open.  Mia handled it like a champ, as Lily was telling Mia that Leah was being bad- gotta love the honesty in that one!  So, Mia said, “Let’s compromise.  I will open the door a tad but turn the lights off, so it’s dark for Lily, but the door is open a bit for Leah!”  And it worked.

And mommy and daddy got a date night!

And got to spend time with some friends!  It was lovely, and the food was AMAZING!

Thanks Mia!  We will have to get you again soon as the girls are already asking, and maybe you can convince Veronica and Emma to join you next time 🙂

Five Friday Favs!

1. Seeing the inventive crafts that the girls come up with.  Isn’t it so neat to see their imaginations working??

2. Now that it is summer time and I don’t have to work- breakfast can be a bit slower, and WARMER!  I usually cook (hard boil) four dozen eggs on Sunday and just peel them in the morning.  I can tell we are ALL tired of them and need a break- so now that I don’t have to rush, warm scrambled eggs it is!  Leah had three helping today!

3. My new lunch idea- it’s basically my salad with the mango salsa from Costco put on a whole grain WRAP.  YUM!

4. I know I’ve shown you this before- but I’m OBSESSED with my new Hydro Flask.  I still use the blue one as well.  I fill one up with water and the other up with bubbly water from my soda stream, and there ya go- two litres of water consumed easily.

5. This meme because it is HILARIOUS and bang on!  These memes about our childhood in the 80’s and 90’s versus childhood now crack me up.  Man, times were simple, yet so fun eh?

Ok, and now it is FRIDAY, and time for the LONG weekend!  We are OFF to the camp and hopefully with the beautiful weather we are able to get on the river boat lots and maybe even paddle board a bit as well.

Hope you guys have an awesome one!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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