Face painting + massages + Stolen Phones +GratiTuesday

Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday so far!  The weather is supposed to be warmer today, and the sun is shining, so these are good signs!

This is exam week, so it’s a relaxing week in the sense that I don’t have to lesson plan, but it’s a tiring week because I need to buckle down and mark, mark, mark.  English exams are intense to mark (as all exams ARE!) as there are essays and paragraphs on each, so it’s like marking 87 essays and 87 paragraphs in a matter of days to ensure marks are inputted in time for report cards.

I am SO organized and prepped for this week though and I am READY to mark!

Also- I got to my classroom to find this sweet gift from Ashley, the student whom I nominated for an award and did a speech for!  She gave me a sweet journal and colouring book and wrote a beautiful note for me inside the card!  I love my job.

My girls have been OBSESSED with face painting lately, and I have had such a HARD time finding any in town.  Every store I’ve checked says- come back near Halloween, haha.  But, finally, I found some at Party City and the girls were SO excited about it!

I told them we had to get home and shower first (it was a bribe, because they were so excited I knew showering would be easy as they would jump in quick to get out quick- in order to get face painted.)

And I was right!

We showered, and then ate supper, and then we got down to face painting.  Ok, so now I have a DEEP appreciation for the immense talent these people have that face paint at parties and events.  It is HARD!  Now- I wanted crayons, and they didn’t have them, they only had the palettes with eyeshadow brushes, which I think is harder as you can not get as precise as you could with small tip crayons.  But, man oh man, I had a hard time, and I pride myself on being somewhat artistic!  The girls didn’t seem to notice though, and thought it looked beautiful, so that’s all the mattered.

We got home at a decent time, since we showered, ate, face painted and still had time to go out for a pretty long bike/scooter ride.

And on our ride, we saw this cat, that meowed so loudly that we heard her over our loud talking and she came right up to us and started purring and rubbing up against our legs.  WELL….the girls stayed with her for a LONG time.  (we just recently lost our own cat, and the girls miss her a LOT- she was also an extremely friendly cat as well, so now they think all cats are like this haha)

I have lower back issues, so when we got home my back was killing me.  I had mentioned that it was hurting, and Lily came around and started massaging me! Haha, it was SO cute, she said, “Mommy, I’m really good at this” and did it for quite awhile. (And yes, I’m in my grey sweat suit! It’s comfy and I get into it immediately once I’m home from work- doesn’t everyone get into a grey sweat suit at the end of the day????)

Leah legit stole my phone and took a MILLION pics of Lily massaging me, until I noticed and went to grab the phone.

The girls are in a really LOVEY phase right now.  With everyone, but most importantly with each other.  They get a long fairly well, but fight quite a bit and have never been VERY affectionate towards each other.  But Leah said, “I love you Lily, I’m going to kiss you” and I caught it on camera!  Love it!

It was a really fun night.  Matt had to bike for a few hours, so I put the girls to bed and had a lot of energy so figured I might as well go for a run on the treadmill since I was home alone.  I had a GREAT workout and I finished about the same time Matt came home….just in time for bed, haha.

GratiTuesday- Think about a song that you’ve listened to recently that made you happy, or a song that every time you listen to reminds you of something or someone that makes you happy.

Isn’t it fascinating how songs can totally alter our attitude or mind set?  It is such a beautiful thing and a gift.

Songs have the ability to bring us to a place of pure joy and also one of pure sadness, depending on what emotions/people/places, etc., are associated with that song.  But regardless, it is still fascinating that they have the ability to do this.  Especially if you take the time to be in the moment and truly listen to the words and let it take you back to that place or feelings.  This is why so many people LOVE to listen to music while they work out- it can pump you up and atler your mindset!

When I saw this question, it really drew my attention as I’m marking this week.  And when I mark, I like to listen to music.  However, what I listen to depends on WHAT I’m marking.  If I’m marking essays, I need to listen to music that makes me happy simply because of the sound, but has no personal meaning for me.  If I listen to anything that has personal meaning I get lost in the lyrics and lose the ability to focus on my marking.

I’ve been really into listening to the soundtrack from the musical, Wicked.  I saw this recently when I was in London and it was such an incredible love story.  A story about the love between two best friends.  I thought this was BEAUTIFUL as it shows that true love doesn’t ALWAYS have to be a romantic love.  I listened to the soundtrack twice all the way through yesterday, and cried both times!

The last song is about being the person you are BECAUSE of someone else- essentially they helped you become a better version of yourself.  The song is called “For Good” and if you haven’t heard it, please listen to it and let me know what you think.  It’s such an amazing song.

What song(s) mean a lot to you and remind you or something or someone important?  I’d LOVE to hear about it!

That’s it for now folks- back to marking!



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