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Good Wednesday Morning!


So, summer break is starting up soon and I’m so excited to be spending so much time with my littles.

As you know, last year I spent a month in China and it cut my summer with my children short.  So, this year, I’m making up for it and we have lots of fun things planned.

Of COURSE we will be spending lots of time in PEI with Nana, and heading to the River cottage quite a bit as well.  And we have them signed up for two weeks of Camp Centennial….obviously!

But there will also be lots of home time.  And I want to try to keep them in a bit of a routine so that they don’t fall into bad habits of things like watching WAY too much TV.

Now summer is for fun; and playtime, I believe, is a great learning opportunity in itself.  However, I found this AMAZING website that has lots of cool activities to do with your kids that just happen to be educational as well.

From a blog post I had posted around Easter,   here ,  I spoke about how much my kids love word searches, see below,

and so I’m going to start off with some of these.  I think maybe two or three times a week in the morning we will do a few activities from this site I found, just to keep them reading and learning and thinking.

Take a look at this word search on Patriotic Word Search.  I think I will start off with this one.

adverb_word search_patriotic

and here is the answer key:

adverb_word search_patriotic_answers

If you want to check it out, and I suggest you do, here is the website.  It’s a great resource and I think I’m going to even use the grammar section next year with my nines!

Let freedom ring with this fun spelling practice! Be sure to check out for more adverb practice,( ) , games, and resources.

What are your thoughts?  Forget education during summer, or keep some sort of routine?  What do you do with your kids?  I’d love to know.  And I’d love to know what you think of this website!

So, last night was prom!  I went for a an hour and a half as my dad was babysitting.  But I wanted to go just to see everyone in their dresses and tux’s and see how wonderful everyone looked.

I LOVE prom, and seeing them all done up and having fun.  And this graduating class is something special.  I have such good connections with so many of them, that I just had to go see them.  I mean I ALWAYS go to prom, haven’t missed one except when I was on mat leave (and even then, I went to see them when they were doing photos) but this group is an amazing group of kids. (I probably say that EVERY year haha)

A pic of me and Ashley.  She went to Europe with me, and worked on ImaginAction with me as well as the RED (Respect, Equity and Diversity) group and also went to Europe with me.  She got our Humanitarian Award and I did the speech for her, here.  Stunning dress!  What a special person.

And a photo bomb of my cousin Stacey and her little girl Maya,

And this is another student, Melora, who I taught in grade nine, but she is honestly one of the sweetest kids I have ever met.  And she visits me on a regular basis and brings me a bag of Lindt chocolate every Christmas (high school teachers hardly ever get Christmas or end of year gifts- so she, among some other students made me feel really special by doing so!).

And of course, my Europe girls.  Travelling with students gives you such a unique and special bond.  I adore these gals.

I didn’t get to take a pic with a few students that I wanted too….so I will snag them on graduation night!

And of course one of Stacey and I.  I’m lucky that I get to work with my cousin, who is the gym teacher at our school.

It was a late night, by the time I got home and got to bed, and the girls were up at five am?????  What?  This happens EVERY time Matt is away.  They get up in the middle of the night, and WAAAAY earlier for some odd reason?

And something unusual usually happens.  One time, when Matt went away, the basement flooded, and another time, one of the girls got majorly sick, and then one time I got hurt and ended up at the hospital???  Moral of the story- Matt should NEVER go away!

Wednesday Pose of the Day!

One of my ultimate FAVOURITES as it is SO, so beneficial in so many ways!


This pose helps tone legs but more importantly helps with circulation.

***As a basketball player, my coach for Team New Brunswick used to get us to go into this position at half time so that we maintained good circulation and did not get tight during the 15 minute break.  I’m sure he didn’t know it was a yoga move, nor JUST how beneficial it is, but he knew it was good for us and that is so neat.

This pose is a prepatory pose for more advance inversions, but it is also an excellent restorative pose and is often found in yin classes, or opening sequences or savasana.

1. Have your mat up against a wall, so that the short edge is touching the base of the wall.  Sit down and bring a shoulder and hip, we will start with the left shoulder and left hip as close to the wall as you can.

2. Place your right hand on the floor and lean the torso back.

3. Then you rotate or swivel the hips as you begin to draw the legs up towards the ceiling against the wall. ***if you begin to shift away from the wall, just shimmy yourself close so that the sit bones are pressed up against the wall.  The hamstrings should be touching the wall as well as the calves and heels.  The body should be in a 90 degree angle.

4. Important tip- tuck the chin so to elongate the neck.  Head should also be centered.  Eyes can be open or closed.  Focus on your breathing.

5.  Belly is soft, and arms can either extend out to your sides, palms faced up, fingers relaxed, or you can place both hands on belly.  Or one hand on heart and one hand on belly.

6. Keep the soles of the feet flat and legs straight and begin to spread them into a v-shape.  Typically about 30 to 45 degrees apart, but depending on how flexible and comfortable you are, they can be extended further apart.  You should be able to stay in this pose from 2-5 minutes, so you should be comfortable.

So comfy and yummy and beneficial.

***You can also roll up a blanket and place it under the sit bones.  This can intensify the stretch for you.

Give it a go and let me hear your thoughts!




Blissful Bhakti Babe

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