Dinner Date with my girls + Graduation + the BEST babysitter EVER!

Alright!  So, on Tuesday evening I had prom, as you know, and I had the BEST babysitter!

My DAD came over to babysit, and even though I only had to be there at 7:15, he arrived at 6!  AND, when I got home, I said, “Dad, there is a thing outside that keeps falling….at SOME point when you have an opportunity could you help me fix it?” And I opened the front door to show him….only to discover that he had ALREADY put it back in place and tied it there.

Then, I noticed that the sliding door that Lily had pulled off of the track was fixed.

Also, the air conditioning filter was changed.

And, our toilet, has been loose for a few years.  Matt has to use a commode to use the bathroom and the space beside the toilet wasn’t build wide enough, so when he wheels the commode back onto the toilet, it hits both walls AND the toilet every time….and it has loosened the toilet so much that you can turn it back and forth.  WELL, not anymore….my dad fixed it somehow and it’s solid!

Not to mention that I had purged the garage and there were some big boxes that I had not put out to the curb yet, and his garbage day was Thursday, so he took it all and threw it out for me!

I mean c’mon!!!!!!!!!!  I asked him for a favour by asking him to babysit for me….and he ends up putting my house back together!!!!

Thanks dad/grand-pere!  We love you!

Alright, so yesterday was pretty tame.  I went to work and was able to clean up my class room while I waited for my “graduation decorator partner” to come to school.  She had done safe grad, and if you do safe grad you don’t need to come to school Wednesday as you’ve stayed up all night.

I usually do safe grad as well, but with Matt out of town, it’s kind of out of the question.

During my noon hour, I went down to the staff weight room and did my workout since I wasn’t able to get to the gym in the morning with Matt out of town.

Then when my partner got to school, we prepped all of the decorations and fixed the lectern that is used for graduation.  We decorate the stage and we wanted to make sure all the props were ready.  A group of students kind of got rough with the lecturn and so we had to do some MAJOR surgery to get it looking good again for graduation.  We had to do some shopping to get the tools to fix it, and we also stopped for a Starbucks treat on the way (she needed a pick me up for staying up ALL night!!!)

After work I picked up the girls and we took off to the mall to run a few errands.

They were EXTREMELY excited as we stopped at the food centre and had supper.

I had Guacamole for the first time, and had the salad, and it was AMAZING!

We stopped by Nana’s afterwards since it was SO beautiful out and we ended up picking flowers for a bouquet

and then we played soccer and boomerang.

And Lily checked to see if we like butter with her buttercup.

And farm girl Lily!

Tonight is graduation night and I am SO excited.  I love this week and all the graduation activities.  Should be a good evening.  Mom is babysitting for me, so that makes it more relaxing as well.

Ok, I hope everyone has a wonderful day!



Blissful Bhakti Babe


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