Canoe School + Guest Blogger coming up!

Wow, what a whirlwind weekend! (that is a beautiful alliteration right there, haha) And it’s already Monday and we are back to the grind.

This is my 17th Canoe School in the books!  Canoe school is like a marathon- you sign up and you are super excited, but you know it’s hard work and long days, so you somewhat begin to ALMOST dread it.  Then you begin the “marathon” (canoe school) and you think, oh yeah, this is fun, but then the wind or rain picks up and you think, nope not fun and this goes on and on and on, and THEN the weekend is done (you cross the finish line of that marathon!) and you think THAT WAS AMAZING, BEST TIME EVER!  Sign me up for another one!  Haha.

Random- Look at the beautiful design the mud made on the bottom of this canoe!

We started canoe school Friday after work.  Sondra, Kelly and I drove up together and got there later than everyone else as we needed to finish work and get our kids/live figured out before we went.  Friday night begins with an introduction to canoes, and some strokes, and then get in the water and play around trying to figure out how they work.  We go until about 10pm on the first night.

Us three girls stay in the same room – with a bunk bed and a mattress on the floor.  Small and cramped and in a house that is over 100 years old!!  But we wouldn’t want it any other way!

Then Saturday we are up and on the water by at LEAST 8am!  This Saturday it was rainy ALL day and had a high of 8 degrees!  Brr….. we usually wear MANY layers.

We go until noon when we have lunch, and then do our ropes course.

The winds picked up SO much this weekend, I have never seen conditions so rough at our FLATWATER canoe school!  So, we had to walk AROUND the Island to find a spot where the waters were calmer.

It is a beautiful Island though.

And then we canoed until supper, and again after supper until 9pm.  We then did our information sessions.  This was SO fun.  We break up into small groups and each instructor teaches a topic to their group- I had Transport Canada Regulations, but there is canoe tripping, and paddle making/differences, canoes, etc., and then the small group teaches to the entire group (with the instructor’s assistance).  We got to bed at 11 that evening.

Also- we eat REALLY well on this weekend……

And then Sunday, it was sunny, but COLD and CRAZY windy!  We managed to do our canoe over canoe rescues, and the in-water stuff- they have to jump in and out individually and then at the same time, and get back in together without flipping, and then they need to swamp a canoe and paddle it swamped.  Sondra and I were a “rescue” boat in case someone flips, and someone did and we had to do a canoe over canoe rescue!  It was SO fun!  It’s been awhile.

We got home last night at about 4pm.  The girls and Matt weren’t even home yet- Matt had gone to the cottage to pick them up and stayed for supper.  They got home at 6:30, and I saw the girls for a bit and then bed.  They had a GREAT time at the cottage.  They got to go swimming and played cards and games and did lots of crafts.

Matt had his bike camp which was AMAZING, but I will leave that for now because he has said HE will do a guest post about that and explain the entire weekend FOR you, either tomorrow or Wednesday.  So stay tuned!!!

Alright- a longer post than usual….but HAPPY Monday!  It’s the LAST full week of classes for high school students and tomorrow is Awards night- a night where we celebrate our students and all of their accomplishments!

Until tomorrow!



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