Birthdays + Sushi + Parties and Ducks!

Good Morning Beautifulies!

It’s my BIRTHDAY!  And I’m super excited because it also falls on the LAST DAY OF WORK!!!  Happy Birthday to me!  I’m giving myself EIGHT WEEKS OFF!  YAY!

Ok, sorry, got that out.  I woke up this morning to balloons, and homemade cards made by my loves, Lily and Leah.  It was pretty cute.  Although, they each kept the balloons and I think they are more excited that we are going to a restaurant for supper than they are about my birthday….but whatever, lol.

I get to go out with some of my girlfriends for lunch as well.  And it is a beautiful, warm and sunny day- bonus!  Since it was rainy and only like 7 degrees yesterday!

Yesterday, we had meetings and I got to go out for lunch with three of my work ladies, one being my cousin.  We went to Pink Sushi- I LOVE sushi, but Matt does not, so I take any opportunity I can to get some!

And then I went to pick up the girls.  We got Leah in to the dentist as she had been complaining about her tooth hurting.  They took a look and did some xrays, and it turns out she just has an adult molar coming in and it can be quite painful.

They were thirsty after, so we stopped at Tims, and got mama a coffee and them some water….but they pretended it was coffee.

And we saw this family of ducks crossing the road.  So adorable.

And we finished the day with our staff party/retirement party.  It was at the Cocoa Room which is just so beautiful!  I was enjoying myself and had such a great time I didn’t even THINK to take any pictures.  But here is a pic of my outfit, that I took before the party to show my girlfriend, Alicia, you’re welcome, hahaha. (kidding)

That’s about it for today.  Short and sweet as we are finishing up our last day of work and then I have a pretty busy afternoon.

I will be back tomorrow with a longer post and of course Wednesday’s Pose of the day!

But I will leave you with this adorable pic.  Matt CAN do his own buttons, but it takes him awhile to get through it.  So each morning that he wears a button-up shirt, he comes out and asks one of the girls to help.  And they FIGHT over who gets to do it.  They LOVE helping him!  Today, was Leah.  So cute!

Alright- enjoy the day!



Blissful Bhakti Babe


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