Awards Banquet + Wednesday Pose of the Day- Chatarunga

Hello everyone!  It is Hump Day!  But a relieving one for me!

I talk in front of large groups of people everyday and I don’t bat an eye…..but speeches on stage in front of hundreds of peers, colleagues, students and parents can be nerve racking.  Plus, I had to dress up!  I wore HEELS (fine they weren’t mine, I borrowed them from Alicia who is a much fancier person than I) and a dress and….ugh…a real bra!  I teach yoga and most days (fine ALL days) I’m in yoga pants.  I actually heard some of my grade 9 students whispering, “Oh my gosh, look at how fancy Mrs. Kinnie looks!” – don’t worry I called them out and told them to take a picture because they won’t see me like this again until next years banquet.  They laughed…..I was serious, haha.

We had our awards banquet last night and I nominated someone for Humanitarian Award- someone who contributes and volunteers for our community and school selflessly.  The person I nominated won and so I was asked to do her speech.  Which, I obviously said yes too.

I wasn’t looking forward to it though, haha.  It’s interesting how daunting it can be, but the adrenaline rush you get from it is amazing and I’m always glad I do these things afterwards.

Especially this year, as this student is very special and I feel a connection with her.  Ashley was a part of my ImaginAction group and together we created the first “He for She” assembly for our school- where we had three speakers come in and speak about gender stereotypes they have faced in the work force.  SHE created this group in our school (He for She) to make sure people knew gender equality is a human right’s issue and not just a female issue.  Her group has raised over $500 in it’s first year and that is phenomenal.  This girl has done so much for this school, from having bake sales, car washes, poster campaigns, helped create and establish the RED group (respect, equity and diversity) and is so deserving of this award.

She also went to Europe with me and often eats her lunch in my room and we chat.  She is a GREAT person and I was honoured to present her with this award.

It’s funny, I let my mom read the speech and she said, “And this is a STUDENT? This young girl has done more than most adults do in their lifetime!”  And it’s true, and is so true for so many of my students!  These kids are so giving.  We had one student who won a distinction award, who not only plays multiple sports, is on Student Government, and has 99% average but he also volunteers and tutors people who want to get their GED!

And this guy right here, Brayden, got Highlander of the Year!

I’ve known this guy since he was about five years old.  He was a camper at Camp Centennial, and his sister worked as a counselor as well.  He has five siblings and most of them have gone through camp as well as BMHS, so their family is pretty prominent in both of my communities.  I can’t even explain the nature of this student. To say he is polite and sweet and caring is an understatement.  He just makes everyone around him feel good about themselves.  I taught him grade 9 English and he STILL comes by to say hello.  He has high marks, plays multiple sports, is a skilled pianist, is on Student Government, was on Clans and volunteers.  Such a deserving student.

I can’t wait to see what these guys do in their futures!

Glad it is over with though!  Phew!

And what a great evening, even though it was a late one!

Today, I have doctors appointments (I try to book them ALL at the same time to avoid taking time off as much as I can)

And, with any extra time I may have….I’m going to use it to get caught up on my marking!  Fun, fun!

Tonight should be a relaxing evening.  Matt has to bike and I’m just going to do NOTHING!  Still feeling the effects of canoe school!

And tomorrow the girls have a parent picnic at their school.  I unfortunately can’t go as I teach (but it is somewhat during my lunch- so I’m going to try to pop in, but if I can’t 🙁  Matt is going to make it and the girls are SO excited for it!)  They can’t stop talking about it- so Matt, take LOTS of pics for this sad mama if I don’t make it!!!!

Wednesday Pose of the Day- Chatarunga (Four Limbed Staff Pose)


I LOVE this pose as it embodies strength, empowerment and determination.

This pose is good to prepare yourself for inversions.  It strengthens the core, shoulders and arms.  And it even works and strengthens the legs as well!

1. Come into your high plank.  When you are in high plank you want to spread your fingers as much as you can- yogi fingers!  And the wrists are stacked on your hands and the elbows are shoulders are stacked on top of the wrists.  The arms are one straight line.

2. Gaze down towards the mat.  This will lengthen the spine and create a line from the crown of the head all the way to the spine and even on towards the achilles heels.

3. Draw the belly (navel) in towards the spine. And protect the lumbar spine (if the belly is dropping towards the ground you are not protecting your back and should come down on to your knees.  See below.

4.  The legs are also engaged here.  Draw the thighs towards each other engaging the muscles.  You also want to draw the heels back, but at the same time you are reaching your sternum forward.  So the heels should be stacked on top of the toes (not back or forward, straight up and down)

5. Remember to breathe!

6. And now, as we exhale, we bend the elbows (they should be pointing back towards the feet) slowly with intent.

Meaning, don’t just let the body drop down to the mat, slowly lower yourself down.  The body should remain as straight as can be while you lower yourself down towards the mat.

From here you can either come all the way down on to the mat, or maybe into upward dog, or back up into your plank.

That’s it for me for today folks!  Hope you all have a GREAT one!

And don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for Matt’s guest blog post!



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