Yoga with my Babies + Pampering + Teacher Appreciation Week

Hello everyone!  I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoying this fabulous Thursday!

I am finally ALL caught up on my marking!  I somehow let it get away from me and it piled up.  I had three sets of essays, three sets of Unit Tests and one set of projects to mark.  It was giving me major anxiety, so I just sat down and plowed through it….well….little by little and NOW it is the BEST feeling EVER to be all caught up!  (grant it- three of my classes are passing in a written assignment today, but I’m going to mark it right away so I can keep this high going!)

Matt is away today, and so I’m picking up the girls and before swimming lessons we are going to have a girls date and go to a restaurant for supper…and my restaurant, I mean Pita Pit, haha, but they will be excited regardless!  They are actually having “Muffins with Mommy” at their after- school daycare, so we will start there and then go for supper.  And I found out today that swimming today is “swim WITH your kids…..”  Do they not understand that I only wash my hair once a week?  This doesn’t work for me!!!  But I’m sure it will be fun 😉

This week is teacher appreciation week and our Student Government is doing a great job with it!  Monday they all greeted us at the door with signs and it was super cute.  Yesterday, they provided us with lunch!  Wraps and cookies from Pita Pit!  Yum!

And today, they went door to door giving each teacher a sweet note and three boxes of Kleenex.

I’ve been an advisor for StuGov for the last 11 years and this is my first year NOT being an advisor and I miss the kids- the students that are on StuGov this year are a DREAM team!  I would have LOVED to have been their advisor!

Rumour has it, they have compiled a list of the staff’s coffee/tea preferences and are going to be giving us a cup of Tims tomorrow!  So sweet!

Yesterday, I had an appointment with Tina after school- so Matt picked up the girls.  I really enjoyed getting a bit pampered

And in daylight- they look like this!

and Tina, as amazing as she is, got me a new hair straightener!

(remember I did THIS to my old one)

I’m super excited about it!

and then I headed to the mall to pick up a gift for my mother for Mother’s Day.  I’d tell you what it is, but she reads my blog….so it will have to remain under wraps!

Snack- I was STARVING last night, so I had yogurt with two tablespoons of PB2 and some Chocolate sauce on top.  A fav that I’ve been eating for FOUR years straight!  Yum!

This weekend, we are headed to PEI for a bike race.  So, I will be spending Mother’s Day cheering Matt on and helping him with his bike stuff.  I’m actually really looking forward to it though, as we are staying in a hotel with a pool and the girls have NO idea, so they are going to be pumped!

This came up in my Facebook memories today.  It just melts my heart! I’ve been doing yoga with these girls since they were babies!  They will often just stand up randomly and go into tree or dancer’s pose or downward dog, or wheel randomly and yell, “look mama, yoga!” Haha, teach ’em young!

Ahhhh the weather!  It makes me so happy and SO, SO excited for summer!!!

The girls have been diving into their summer clothes and dressing before I get home from the gym in summer dresses…..pretty cute! (I make them wear cardigans and pants though)

Alright!  Have a GREAT Thursday!  Almost the weekend!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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