Whoopee Cushions+ Five Friday Favs + GOATS!

So, I bought the girls Whoopee Cushions awhile back….and it’s hilarious and adorable to watch them blow it up and try to “trick” mommy and daddy into sitting on it.  They are not that subtle….Lily, this morning blew it up and placed it on my seat at my vanity table and took my hand and led me to it and asked/told me to “sit mommy, sit right HERE!”  Haha, as if I couldn’t SEE the whoopee cushion!  But I obliged and watched her and Leah explode in laughter as I made farting noises.

Then they placed it on the bed under the sheets, so that when Daddy was done showering he would lie on it and make noises as well.  The tricky thing is, Matt has to transfer from his chair to the bed and it takes awhile….so the girls waited around for a long time just staring at Daddy as he got his clothes and got ready for the transfer.  Then, as he transfers, the movements are slow as well, so he lowered himself onto the bed so slowly, that the whoopee cushion did not make loud noises, it sounded like a balloon as it SLOWLY looses air…..not a farting noise….more of a breaking wind noise.  Poor things….luckily they still found it hilarious!

But then decided it is JUST as funny to sit on it themselves….and make the noise themselves. Lucky for mommy and daddy, haha!

We all had a healthy bowl of oatmeal for breakfast yesterday, but man our mornings have been SO slow this week.  Usually, I’m at the gym for 4:45 and get back round 6:30 and am pumped with adrenaline and I get the morning started quickly.  However, since we were away on the weekend and only arrived home at 2am Monday morning I skipped the gym.  And the rest of the week, I’ve been dealing with my infected tattoo- so the gym has been a no-go!  Apparently, when Mommy has a slow start….EVERYONE has a slow start!  I will be excited to get re-organized this weekend and have a GREAT week next week and to be back at the gym!

I left the school after work, somewhat in a rush as the girls had swimming.  But when I got to my car I heard GOATS crying….so I walked around and saw my girlfriends kid, a former student of mine- whom I adore!, standing there with her two baby goats!!!

So, I held one….for a long time as it kissed me and tried to suck on my hand!  It was amazing- and gave me so much energy!  They said I could come by some time with Lily and Leah so they can see them….I’m gonna take them up on that!

And, then we had swimming!  We were running late because that is the theme of this week, so I had to put their bathing caps on in the car while Daddy drove.

They are really getting stronger with swimming and they just love it!  Their teacher is so sweet to them!

Today is our NBTA Subject Council, which is a day full of Professional Development for teachers.  It is usually a really great day as the sessions are well done and beneficial.  I’m looking forward to it.  And I’m also bringing home a LOT of marking for the weekend- so hopefully I can get caught up with that!

I’m so excited for this weekend, because as far as I can tell….we have NOTHING on the go!!!!  It should be a RELAXING, FAMILY weekend!  Other than gymnastics and marking 🙂


Five Friday Favs

1. My Hydro Flask- I’ve had this puppy for awhile now and I LOVE this water bottle!  It holds 1.5 litres of water and this is my favourite part as I typically drink 4-6 litres of water a day and most water bottles I have to fill up numerous times a day.  This puppy- I only need to fill a few times at work. (as I drink two litres at the gym before 7am!)  It also keeps my water cold for the WHOLE day!  And you can get a screw top OR one with a straw- which I LOVE as I find I drink more with a straw than I do just gulping it down.

2. Also- this water bottle HOLDER insert for the car.  Even before my Hydro Flask, my water jugs were big (like a Nalgene) and never fit in the car holders so they were always on the seat or floor and hard to get to while driving and often would end up spilling.  This sits in my cup holder and is larger than average so it holds my big containers!  LOVE it! Check it out here

3. My YETI coffee cup.  This also keeps my coffee HOT for the WHOLE day.  In fact, I often have to pour my coffee into a mug to cool it down or I’d only end up drinking it in the late afternoon.

4. These Hemp Heart Bites.  They are so yummy, and a healthy alternative for a treat!

5. These Gluten Free Bites- chocolate coconut- but there are many other kinds as well.  Same deal- yummy, healthy alternatives.

That’s it!  Don’t forget- I will be starting some new categories next week!  So bear with me and hopefully join me for this new and scary ride!

Happy Friday- YAY, it’s the weekend!!!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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