Wednesday Pose of the Day- Bakasana + Book Club

Wednesday Pose of the Day- Bakasana (Crane Pose)

If you have been nervous about trying out arm balances because you are afraid you aren’t strong enough, or flexible enough- then stop the negative self-talk!

Arm balances are the most exhilarating, confidence- boosting, energetic type of pose.  They are often MUCH easier than they seem.  It isn’t about being strong or being flexible (most of the time), it’s about finding that sweet spot, where you can teeter and balance and feel empowered.

And Bakasana typically is the entrance pose into this wonderful world of arm balances.  Once you find that sweet spot- you’re smooth sailing.

****(Matt equates it to doing a wheely in a wheelchair, once you find that perfect angle and get your balance, you can hang out there forever)

So- grab a mat and give it a go….several times!

Begin by folding forward and place your hands on the mat about as wide as your shoulders.  Make sure you have yogi fingers- spread the fingers as wide as you can- to encompass as much space with your hands as you can.  The wider your hands, the more of a platform you have for your pose and balance.

Now, begin to shift your hips up towards the ceiling (which will happen naturally once you fold forward.) and bend your knees towards your triceps and come up on to your tip toes. ***Notice that my knees are sitting on the outside of my triceps as though my arms are a shelf for my knees/shins.

And you begin to shift your body forward (this will pass the weight from your feet into your palms)- so that you head comes towards the ground.   Make sure you gaze towards the floor.  And engage the abdominal muscles and tighten up the bandhas (valves within the body- the most common one being Mula- the root bandha.  To engage, act as though you are holding in your need to urinate).

You can enter this pose one of two ways.  You can lift on foot off the ground and a time, like below.

Or you can lift both at the same time.

Just make sure you keep the abdominal muscles engaged and working.  This really is a full body pose.  And straighten the arms as much as you can.

Once in the pose, attempt to bring the toes together, and keep the inner part of the knees tight against the outside of the tricep/upper arm- so that they are hugging tightly.

****If you are having trouble finding that sweet spot and are worried about smashing your face into the ground (like I was at first), place a pillow in front of you for comfort.  That way you will confidently know you won’t hurt yourself.

Or, like below, you can use a block.  And you can even come down onto the block so that your head is resting and then lean backwards playing around with the angles until you find that sweet spot where you can hang out.

This pose is good for balance, coordination, arm balance, strengthening the abdominal muscles, as well as the arms.  And it makes you feel pretty darn cool!

Give it a go and let me know how it goes!

Yesterday was a good day.  I did a play with my students in class and it was HILARIOUS!  And then I did an amazing Yin class with my yoga student with a fabulous savasana at the end.

Picked up the girls after a very long staff meeting after school and then when we got home it was just so nice out so, instead of making supper, we took off for a walk.

Well, Lily went on her tricycle (even though she can bike on her big girl bike) and Leah used her scooter.

We went around the block, and there are a LOT of new houses going up in our neighbourhood, so the girls and I went inside of one to explore.

They had a blast.  Does anyone else remember doing this as a kid?  My sister and I used to explore new houses going up, ALL of the time!

Then we got home and had supper- salad and this amazing cabbage, turnip, carrot and ham soup my mom made.  The girls LOVED it.

And after bed time, this mama got to go out with her BOOK CLUB LADIES!  It’s been awhile, and even though only HALF of us made it, it was so fun!  We started this book club TEN years ago.  At that time, between the ten of us we had ONE kid (my sister’s oldest who is now 10) and now we have 21 between the ten of us and one more will be here in two weeks!

We actually didn’t get together for a book though.  We got together to go see the movie, Book Club.  This movie is INSANE hilarious!  We died laughing!  If you haven’t seen it, you must!  I love all of these women in this movie.  I just recently fell in love with Jane Fonda since watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix- WATCH IT!!  And the rest of the ladies, I’ve always adored- hello Murphy Brown!

It was extremely busy, and so we didn’t get to sit together- my sister and I sat directly behind the other ladies, but we had a blast and didn’t stop laughing from beginning to end!

And I might have enjoyed some of these…..

Last night was the full moon for May- the Flower Moon- called this as it is Spring time and the time when most flowers begin to bloom.  This follows after April’s Pink Moon.

(taken on my way home from the movies- it was so beautiful I pulled over and took pictures.)

It is also called the Mother Moon, or Full Flower Moon as May is often seen as a time of fertility and rebirth and growth.  It is a time of beauty and of new beginnings and it follows after long colourless months.

If you were feeling off yesterday or emotional, this could have been it.  A girlfriend and I were chatting about how emotional we were yesterday and then we clued in, that this was why!

Hopefully you had a chance to recharge your stones last night and feel energetically recharged today!

Happy Hump Day folks!



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