The MOST amazing evening EVER!

Wow.  Just wow!  Yesterday was just the most amazing day ever!  The weather was phenomenal!  I had a great day at school as I’m finally starting to feel like myself again.  My infection is finally starting to heel (I’m not sure if my tattoo will look the way it’s supposed to now after my infection, but whateves….I’m the type of person who GETS tattoos because they are a reflection of who you ARE in the moment, and it is what it is….if it turns out to look crappy….I will get it fixed.  I just want it to HEAL so I can get back to the gym!!!!!!

I mean it doesn’t look GREAT and probably won’t as many of the lines and outlines are gone, but it is starting to heal.  I LOVE this tattoo and I’m said it got infected…but I think I can get it fixed it easily.

What an amazing night!  I was on such a high!  I picked up the girls and had to gas up as I was on empty.  The girls came in with me to pay and got to pick out a popsicle!  Summer vibes!

Matt worked from home yesterday but was still working when we arrived, SO we stayed outside and MAMA pushed these ladies on the swings for a HALF AN HOUR!!!!  Mama of the year!

They also learned how to swing my themselves.

And Lily decided she would climb a slide to yell at daddy (who was working inside) to come watch them play.

After they were finished swinging and sliding, we decided to set up the back porch and put out all of the chairs and the summer outside toys!

Lily was driving the chairs around to their spots.

And Leah took out her fav stuffies and created her “home” on the porch. (these were taken at two different times of her “sleeping” in her “home” and she did NOT know I was taking pics!!! What a nut!)

My mom lives close by, so she stopped by on her walk after work and showed the girls what head phones are.

Leah then helped water the plants.

And then we worked our way inside so we could do homework.  Which my mom helped them with!

Then the girls made pizza….they LOVE helping with pizza making!

And FINALLY, the girls got to try their OWN sorting hat cupcakes that Uncle Nick made!

Lily got Slytherin

And Leah got Hufflepuff!

We sent the pics to Uncle Nick afterwards!

And THEN we went for a bike ride!  The girls are improving  SO much, and we had a blast!

And hung outside for awhile as a family!

Love this guy!

Happy Thursday!  This is technically Friday for the students as tomorrow is NBTA council day where we sign up for different professional development.  It’s in different spots throughout the province and this year, luckily, high school is in Moncton.  No travelling!

Have a great day!


Blissful Bhakti Babe


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