The iGen is here! + Kombucha + My girls <3

Wow, so, yesterday afternoon was the most amazing Professional Development I have attended in quite awhile!  (well, the second half of it) It was at my own school and run by a colleague, Bernice.  She attended a PD in New York this past summer and it was all about building resilient, mindful, happier and more connected children.

She talked about the generation born between 1995-2016 and how this generation has now been named the iGen.  As in, similar to the iphone- the first generation born into a world of the Internet.  The book she was speaking to, is called iGen- Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy- and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood. (a mouthful, and scary but true.)

It says, “They were born after 1995.  They grew up with cell phones, had an Instagram page before they started high school, and do not remember a time before the Internet.  They are different from any generation that came before them.  They are one in four Americans.  They are iGen.  And they have arrived.”

This PD was so relevant to what we are seeing in the schools, with the epidemic of “unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression and loneliness.”  And it is something I feel every teacher (and parent for that matter) needs to be educated on so we can help assist, and educate these kids.

It spoke about the positives as well, and how these kids are the most accepting of different races, genders, religions, abilities, etc., they are forward- thinking and safer in many ways than generations before as well, but they are also less anxious to grow up and become independent and less willing to move out of their family home and away from their parents.

The “i” in iGen stands for more than the Internet as well, it stands for:

  • In no Hurry- to grow up
  • Internet- online time is extreme
  • In Person No More- MOST of their social interactions are online
  • Insecure- Mental illness is increasing rapidly!
  • Irreligious
  • Insulated- spending more time with parents or alone than with their peers
  • Income Insecurity- they worry about maintaining the life style their parents did (parents were able to do it with less education, and this generation feel they need at least two degrees in order to be successful)
  • Indefinite- with sex and relationships
  • Inclusive- they are very accepting
  • Independent with political views

****Taken from the book- each chapter covers each of these topics.

As a parent of two little girls who are growing up in this generation, I was so, so vastly interested in this PD.  I immediately went to Bernice and asked for more information and she is sending me articles and links that I will share with you.  I also borrowed the book, and plan on reading it and taking notes!

I REALLY, REALLY hope we get more PD on this topic!  Thanks Bernice, you did an AMAZING job!!!

OK!  After work yesterday, I went to get my hair done and Matt picked up the girls.

Before and after 🙂

He also wanted to bike, so my mom came over to watch the girls so he could get started as he needed to do a two and a half hour ride.

I also managed to get in some groceries as we were desperate for fruit and bread and milk, but I didn’t have time to bring them to the house before my appointment.  THANKFULLY, my hair dresser, Mylene, let me bring it all in and place it all in a cool place so it wouldn’t spoil! Haha, I was a hot mess, going into my appointment with a hand full of grocery bags!

Got home to some happy girls (daddy let them have chocolate for dessert) in matching PJ’s.

And Leah wouldn’t stop hugging her sister!  And smooshing her face haha.

And mommy had some delicious Greek Salad for supper!

While Leah drank her Kissing Rocks Kombucha!  At first, the girls didn’t like Kombucha, which was great for me because I didn’t have to share haha, but now Leah LOVES it…..not good!

This morning, the girls had raspberries for breakfast and were super impressed with me as I gave them each FIVE, the perfect number for each of their fingers. ***They had already eaten some by the time I whipped out my camera.

They have a half day today and then I pick them up from daycare and head to my sisters house to celebrate my niece’s birthday!  I can’t BELIEVE she will be TEN!  Where does the time go???

And TOMORROW is NBTA day, which means essentially a PD day.  I get to spend the day with THESE beautiful women!  My sisters! (minus one, Krystle, as she’s on MAT leave, but she will be joining us for lunch!

Alright, have a fabulous Thursday and I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts on the iGen!!!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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