Quick and Easy Supper+ Jenga+ Wheelchair Stealer!

I am more tired and in more of a fog TODAY than I was yesterday going on four hours of sleep.  It’s finally hitting me.

Yesterday, I was in survival mode, making my way through the day, barely awake and so unprepared I felt disheveled.  But, I made it and then picked the girls up and knowing I would not want to cook, we stopped by Tims and got some grilled sandwiches and then got home and I made (heated up) some organic sweet potato lentil soup to go with the sandwiches.  It HIT the spot!  A nice, warm soup on a cold, wet day!

I also picked up some coffee for Matt and I.

It was LIFE saving!

It gave us the energy we needed to get through the evening and be productive.  We actually played Jenga with the girls and had a blast.

These faces are actually NOT planned….daddy was making a seriously “tricky” move and Lily was excited to watch the tower fall, and Leah was disgusted with his decision, haha.

I think they had a really fun weekend but I also think they were up much later than they are with mommy and daddy and they were EXHAUSTED last night as well.  They were sensitive (crying if they made Jenga fall/crying because we wouldn’t let Leah add FIVE more stuffies to her bed -she already has at LEAST 50!) So, we put them to bed early.

Then we tackled our house.  It looked like bombs had gone off in every room and so the coffee gave us enough energy to clean it all up and then unpack all of our bags from Montreal. (Matt was there for a week, so he had a few bags!) So, we cleaned and got ourselves prepared for the rest of the week.


One of my tattoos is infected…..I have 13 tattoos and this has never happened to me before.  So, I don’t know what cause it, but it isn’t fun.  I think it is also making me more tired.  I’m treating it and I showered, and cleaned it and treated it and then I went to BED!  The lack of sleep, most likely, isn’t helping it.

This morning, it is feeling MUCH better and isn’t HOT anymore- so that’s a good sign.  The girls woke up really happy and chipper as well, so I think the extra sleep did the trick!  They also have been wearing ALL of daddy’s medals (and some of mommy’s running medals) around the house- they would wear them to school but we make them take them off…..they sound like wind chimes walking around, haha.

And then when Daddy was showering, Lily took off with his wheelchair, haha.  They LOVE playing with his chair.  Not often you hear daddy, trapped in the bathroom, yelling, “Lily, bring back my wheelchair.”

I hope everyone enjoys their Tuesday!  And don’t forget- first full week of May- new changes to the blog!!!!!  Starting NEXT week!  I’m excited!!!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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