PEI + Mother’s Day + Monday Mantra

Good morning beautiful people!  I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!  I sure did, although it really wasn’t restful and I’m feeling it this morning!

We went to PEI- one of my favourite places in the world- for a bike race for Matt.  And we took the girls along this time.

So, since I knew I was going to be gone for Mother’s Day, I spent Friday evening with my mother and her best friend and one of mine.  We are all mother’s so we had a Mother’s Day Potluck.  It was super fun!

And then my mom helped me pack the van up for the bike trip.

The next morning, we were up and in the car by 6am!  UGH!!!!  Lots of coffee was had!  And the girls had naps and coloured and played with their leap pads on the drive.

We drove right to the race and got busy helping daddy into his bike and prepping for his race.

The girls were SO excited to watch him and were slightly disappointed to realize that he bikes AWAY from us and we don’t get to really “watch” him until an hour later when he comes back. Haha, but they found ways to keep themselves entertained.

And were pumped to cheer him on as he crossed the finish line.  Another medal for our wall- Leah was camera shy!

AND THEN, the exciting part.  Hotel Pool!  The three girls went swimming and daddy got to rest up after his race.  The girls stayed in the pool for TWO hours!  I only lasted one, and then daddy came to relieve me and I went to the hotel gym.

It was pretty cool though, because the gym overlooked the pool and so I still got to watch them play as I worked out.

Then we went to one my favourite stores ever- How Bazaar!

And then off to supper at Smitty’s.  I’ve been craving salads lately, so I had a huge Cobb salad with avocado as the sauce.  It was amazing!

The girls wanted to sleep in a bed with a parent, so daddy stayed with Lily and I stayed with Leah.  We got ready and watched the Charlie Brown movie in bed and then went to sleep.

Next time, we will probably get them to sleep together because they are both HEAVY sleepers, and sleep through anything but they move….a LOT….and kick….so mommy and daddy didn’t sleep very well.

Sunday was Mother’s Day- so the girls wanted to sit by me at breakfast.  Poor daddy sat alone.

And then…..we went swimming again.  For TWO hours again!  I watched this time and didn’t get in, and then afterwards, Matt took the girls to a park and I got another workout in before we had to check out. (Leah joined me for a bit)

We went to Pita Pit for lunch and I got another salad.  AMAZING!

Before leaving, we HAD to get Cow’s icecream!

And then….they CRASHED!

Which is a good thing, because then we got home and they cleaned out the entire van by themselves, and then did a little bit of laundry!

While mommy got to lay outside in the sun….I love Mother’s Day!

And then they surprised me with gifts.  Matt took them to Marshall’s and they picked gifts out by themselves!  Leah was ADAMANT about this bracelet the moment she stepped in the store.  Matt tried to get her to look around a bit but she insisted that this was what she wanted to get me.  And it’s perfect.  It is Dalmatian Jasper and it is supposed to help with positivity and clarity.

And Lily got me socks to workout in and a Harry Potter coffee mug!

Matt got me protein cookie dough and this beautiful plant holder that I’ve been eyeing.

It was a really, really great day, and a fabulous weekend with beautiful weather.  It felt like summer, especially since while we were eating dinner, TWO of the girls friends came to the door asking them to come out and play.  It reminded me of my own childhood, summer days where you stay out late playing!  And they did just that.  They played right up until bedtime!

Monday Mantra:

The ability to create change is within.  I have the power.

Happy Monday!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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