Multiple Birth Awareness Day- Our Story + Monday Recap

Yesterday was National Multiple Birth Awareness Day.  And so, I thought I’d share a LITTLE bit about our story.  I will share more about this later on in the blog- like closer to their birthday.  Today, will just be about the pregnancy/birth and complications.

Matt and I knew going into this that we were going to need fertility treatments in order to have children.  So, in that way, we were kind of lucky, as we started to save for it immediately after we got married.  So many people try, and try and then- being unsuccessful have to turn to fertility treatments with no funds saved up.  IVF (which is the method we had to use) can cost over 13 thousand dollars….and none of it is covered, except up to 80% of the medicine women need to inject into themselves.  Which is peanuts in the grand scheme of things.

While starting the treatment, the doctors noticed that the meds were not doing what they should be doing for me.  My hormone levels should have been doubling every two days, but they weren’t.  So, I had to take triple the amount, and even with that, was barely able to get where I needed to be.

They inject you with hormones so that the body can generate more follicles (what holds the eggs) during the cycle, and then once the follicles drop, they extract them from you (that wasn’t fun!)  Most women get between 15-30 follicles, and not every follicle has an egg inside.

I got five.  Five.  So really, the doctors think that even if Matt was able bodied, we would probably have needed help anyway.

On the day of insemination, only two eggs were viable out of the five.  The rest had not made it.  Matt REALLY, REALLY only wanted to put in one, as he as scared about how much he could do and how hard the possibility of twins would be on me if he wasn’t able to do much.

However, the second egg was not viable ENOUGH to freeze, so if it wasn’t put in, it would be thrown out.  They grade them out of ten and one was a 9 and one was a 6.  They will only freeze if they are over 7.  And because they want their success rates to be high, they would obviously go with the 9- so the other one….would be thrown out.

I cried.  And cried.  And cried.  I couldn’t imagine the thought of one of the two of them just being thrown out.  And I won. 🙂  We put both in…..and low and behold, they both TOOK!

Fast forward- an amazing, healthy pregnancy.  I LOVED being pregnant.  And had no issues, and only gained 34 pounds with TWINS.  That is ,all was good until about 35 weeks in, I was diagnosed with Preeclampsia and hospitalized for the rest of my pregnancy.  Preeclampsia (aka- Toxemia or Pregnancy Induced Hyptertension) is extremely common with Twin pregnancies.  One in every three twin mamas will get it.  And it is responsible for 16% of pregnancy deaths. (This pic was the day I was hospitalized – after begging my doctor to let me go home and shower and get my stuff.  I promised I’d be back in an hour- he let me, haha)

I had NO idea how serious it was.  And was hospitalized for two and a half weeks, and even though babies were doing okay, and I felt okay, my blood pressure just kept spiking.  So, they induced me at 37.5 weeks.

Symptoms include:

  • water retention
  • puffiness in extremities
  • elevated blood pressure
  • protein in urine (this is how they caught my case)
  • weight gain

Can cause

  • vomiting
  • change in mental state
  • agitation
  • headaches and fatique
  • death
  • can also cause stillbirth or brain defects in children

I am so, so thankful that I had NO idea how serious this was, because I was super calm and just enjoyed my time in the hospital.  (I was on bed rest before this, but wasn’t really good at sitting still, so being in the hospital FORCED me too)

The only way to get rid of preeclampsia is to give birth.  So, they induced me because they were worried for me and babies.  However, I was a rare case whose blood pressure didn’t go down afterwards.  And was hospitalized for a bit after they were born and had to go on meds for about two months to regulate my blood pressure.  Again- so happy I didn’t know how serious this was as well.

It was quite the eventful time, but we are so, so blessed and I couldn’t have asked for a better pregnancy- minus the preeclampsia hiccup.

Here is Matt, when he first laid eyes on Lily.  She was staring up at him WIDE-EYED and only minutes born.  He said, it’s like she’s reading my soul….as he cried (don’t tell him I told you haha)

IVF- that’s a whole other story for a whole other day!

****This is my story and what happened with us, but I am not a doctor and really know nothing about any med stuff, except for what I went through.

Happy National Multiple Birth Day for all you crazy multiple moms out there.

And a quick re-cap of my day.  Like I said, I got hit fast and hard with a virus that kept me up ALL night.  So, I had to take the day off, and I slept until close to 3 in the afternoon.  Once supper came, and I ate, I felt perfectly fine….so weird.  However, then I had a hard time sleeping as I had slept all day, so I’m a bit fatigued today.  Oh well.

But we still had quite a fun evening!

I got the girls and we made an amazing supper and Matt BBQ’d pork and salmon.

And we got to eat outside.  I love spring/summer!

And then we were swinging on the swing set for awhile.

I decided to show the girls what they could do with the rings:

And then they were BOUND and determined to do it themselves.  And they did!

Leah even learned how to flip over backwards.

My mom dropped by as I had bought her an automatic can opener (she had been looking for awhile and I saw one) and we randomly decided to make rhubarb crisp and rhubarb sauce.  My girlfriend across the street has a plant and gives me some every year- thanks Sarah!

We also prepped the kabobs for the BBQ tonight!  Yum!

And then these two monkey’s stole my phone.  Haha.

Alright, that’s it for today!  Happy Tuesday everyone, get out and enjoy the 20 degree weather!



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