Mother’s Day + Five Friday Favs

Happy Friday y’all!!!  Whoo hoo, I don’t know about you, but for some reason this week has felt like it’s been going on forever!!!!

We had a fun Thursday though!

StuGov provided us with Chilli and these sweet signs.  This group is just wonderful!

And TODAY they provided us with coffee first thing!

And I had a great day with all of my classes.

And THEN I had Muffins with our Mommies at the girls daycare!  It was pretty adorable and they were super excited to give me the present that they made. (Leah a pink heart key chain, and Lily a flower bowl for my jewelry or crystals she said)

And we took our yearly photo with Alfie.  These guys have known each other since they were born!  Alfie was six days old and the girls were fresh when they first met.

And now here they are.

It is Alfie’s last year at daycare, so it will be sad for them not to see each other and play with each other every day, but I guess Alicia and I will have to do a good job making sure they still see get to do so outside of daycare.

Mommy and her girls.

Like I had mentioned yesterday, Matt was away, so my mom and I took the girls out for supper to Pita Pit, but the line was so long and they were understaffed so it was quite slow.  So, we ran out of time and had to eat it in the car on the way to swimming.

I had a build your own salad, and it was AMAZING! I was STUFFED for a very long time.

and then to swimming lessons.  It was “parent swim” but I didn’t know….so I didn’t swim and felt bad….but it’s okay because we are staying at a hotel this weekend with a pool so I will make up for it then!

Today, we are having Happy Hour/Mother’s Day supper with my mom and my girlfriend and her mom.  Our moms are best friends and we have been as well since grade 11.  So, we often all get together and hang out.

We are away in PEI for Mother’s Day, so I thought it would be nice to spend Friday evening with my mom instead.

And because we are away, the other evening when I went to the mall to get my mom her gift, I arrived home to an empty house afterwards.  I found out, because the girls are not too good at keeping things quiet, that they were out picking something for me.

Matt got them both to pick something out and then told them to hide it so I wouldn’t see it.  Leah hid hers in an open space that I would obviously see, so Matt took it and hid it himself.

This morning, Leah went looking for it and couldn’t find it.  So, she said, “You know mommy, you know that gift I bought for you?  Well, I guess you’re going to have to look for it because I have no idea where I hid it.”  Haha, poor kid!

Today was also Crazy Hair Day at school, and I’m not very good with doing their hair- mostly because they scream and yell and won’t let me do much.  So, three ponytails and colour it is!

Five Friday Favs!

1. Ok, call me crazy, but they are advertising a made for TV movie about how Harry and Megan Markle got together and I can’t WAIT to see it!  They did a great job casting as well, don’t you think??

2. I have talked about my HydroFlask before and how much I LOVE it.  And now they have cooler ones, that are ombre almost?  With two different colours.  BEAUTIFUL and on SALE! (mine is old and dented….maybe time for a new one???)

3. This meme.  I was a DIE-HARD Sex and the City fan in University.  My best friend Nicole and I would get together almost DAILY and either watch Sex and the City or Old School with Will Ferrell.  So when I saw this….I keeled over with laughter.

4. I posted this in my story yesterday on instagram- my Sensual Goddess oil. Kim over at Tipsy Unicorn made this and I never leave the house without putting it on!

5. These Me to We Rafiki bracelets that the girls and I bought through a fundraiser at their school.  We each picked a different one- I picked purple to support income, Leah picked blue to support water, and Lily picked red to support health.

They are the coolest things ever as they come with a code on the back and a website.  You go to the website and put in the code and depending on how much money you donated/paid it will tell you what you provided and where.  For example, Lily provided one woman pre-natal care in a place in Africa and Leah provided water for one family for a month.  They were pretty excited to find out what they helped with.

6. Also- I ordered these plant baskets a long time ago and forgot about them because they didn’t come for a long time!  And they arrived Wednesday evening!  I’m so excited about them!!!!

Alright….that was six fav things…..but I’m an English teacher, not a math teacher….never said I could count! 😉

Have a GREAT weekend everyone.  Hope it’s restful and fun!


Blissful Bhakti Babe


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