Monday Mantra + Weekend Update!

Well, we needed THAT weekend!  After a week of travelling and battling an infected tattoo (took a lot out of me, surprisingly), we needed a chill weekend.  And we got just that!

Friday, I got to spend the day with the lovely Kelly Fraser.

We went to NBTA together, and one of our sessions was African Drumming!  It.  Was.  Amazing!  We were drenched with sweat by the end of it, but we had a blast.  The guy who ran it was just hilarious and really good with us, slowing it down, breaking it down and teaching it at our pace and level.  He has TWO shops in Africa, and all of the drums are made there and ALL proceeds go to the families that make them.  It is all fair trade, and he also flies the teachers here to work and teach people how to drum.

It was a pretty cool story, but so, so, so fun to learn the beats.

It was also meditative, just doing the beats over and over.  I had a smile on my face for the rest of the day.  It was perfection.

And after the day was done, I picked the girls up, we grabbed groceries, and saw a Pheasant, bunny and deer on the way home.  I only captured pics of the deer.

We also grabbed some pizza and had supper at Nana’s.

Saturday, Matt and I got to sleep in a bit and then go to the girl’s gymnastics.  We had not been in two weeks- Goddess Gatherings and Montreal- so we were excited to go.  The girls have improved so much with their handstands, cartwheels, and the bars.

We got some fudgicles from Costco to celebrate a job well done.  Leah is such a clean eater…..

Then, when Matt did his bike ride, the girls and I took off and scootered to Nana’s.

Then we hopped in her car to run a few errands and picked up these cute little bookbag jackets for the girls.  They turn into bookbags/stuffed monkeys that can be used as a pillow in the car and if it gets chilly you un-zip and it turns into a jacket.  Great for travelling and for weekends at the cottage in PEI.

We also got these epic balloons that took about 15 minutes to blow up (each) and my shoulders are still sore…what a sweaty workout!!!

And Nana fed the girls spaghetti.

And Lily almost passed out blowing up a balloon.

Sunday, Matt left for a bike ride- let me sleep in and got the girls to help him get in his bike!  How cool is that???

And then I got up and it was too beautiful to stay inside….so we scootered to Nana’s….again…she’s gonna get sick of seeing us! (they won’t take these monkey jackets off!!!)

Spent some time with the neighbourhood pets, and then scootered home for lunch.

I found these ‘foldit’ wraps at Sobey’s and they have ten grams of protein in them and are pretty healthy.  The girls didn’t like them, but Matt and I did!

In the afternoon, my mom came over to teach me how to macrame.  We hung it in the garage so we could be “outside” since it was still so beautiful out.

And while we were working, the girls found an old tickle trunk I had put together for my best friends wedding- I put together a photo booth for the reception- and the girls had a blast trying things on.

And they found my old basketball from Univeristy and after daddy pumped it up-they got to practicing…and had dribbling down pat by the end of the day.

Final product of my marcrame project!  I’m so happy with it! (one of my friends noticed that it looks like an Elephant from front on- I didn’t realize this when we were making it, but it’s a cool coincidence and I love it even more now!

And then this morning, the girls were really excited to see it had rained as they are obsessed with worms lately!  They were sad that they were not allowed to bring them to school…..

It was a fun-filled weekend with LOTS of outdoor time…but it was also RELAXING with lots of sleep!  I’m ready for the week.  And don’t forget- this is the week that I’m going to start doing new things with the blog!


Mondays are going to be re-caps of the weekend…as they are usually busy with lots of things going on!  But I will also be doing Monday Mantras- where I end the blog with a Mantra OR Meditation Monday once a month.  I will switch it up with these two ideas for Mondays.

Tomorrow (Tuesdays)- I’m going to be doing GratiTuesday’s- where I’m going to talk about living with a grateful heart- this can cover so much, including theory, things I’m reading, etc.

And Wednesday- I will be breaking down a POSE….showing you a quick video of how to do it, and also giving step by step instructions- this week I’m starting with Warrior 1.

And I will also be doing short video classes as well.  Most likely on Thursdays!  Eek!

And of course Friday- Five Friday Favs!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

Monday Mantra-

Today- I choose to HONOUR my heart and move into this week doing what makes me happy.




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