Monday Mantra + Weekend Update

Hello friends!  Hope everyone is having a great Monday!  I got a virus and was very sick today, hence the late blog post.

We had a great weekend over here though, with lots of sun and lots of family and friend time!

Friday, I went to Costco after work and Matt picked up the girls.  It worked really well this way, as I was able to do it much faster than when they are with me and then I went home and put together a quick supper for them.  Which they LOVED!

Then my mom and her friend Debbie came over for a visit and my mom brought the girls jelly beans for dessert.  I think Lily is counting to make sure it is even, haha.  These are new summer PJ’s that I got from Costco.

There was a sun-shower, so the girls went out and ran around the courtyard before bed.

Matt and I had a nice, quiet evening watching Thirteen Reasons Why- Season 2.  We can only do one episode a night because this season is even more emotionally exhausting I find.  What are your thoughts?  It’s such a controversial show and I see the importance of having it out there to ensure people know what their words and actions can do to someone else.  But it IS intense, and if I struggle watching it at my age, when I’m not IN high school and going through some of these issues, I wonder how high school students can handle it.  Would love to hear your thoughts.

Saturday, we had gymnastics, and then the girls and I went to the musical production at RHS with Alicia and her kids.  She gifted us the tickets as a thank you for the clothes the girls had given her girls.  So sweet!

They had a BLAST.  And we met up with a lot of friends there.  Three of our book club ladies were there with their children, and two of the girls and Alfie’s close friends were there.

They also got snacks to eat during- so that is always fun.

The musical was a compilation of Disney songs (minus one song from Anastasia- which I love, but it is not Disney).  And the girls were in Heaven.  Excitedly yelling out, “It’s Anna!” and so on.

Not to mention that afterwards they ran up and got to meet the princesses and take pictures with them.  They truly felt they were meeting real, live princesses.  It was adorable.  They asked to go again on Sunday, haha.


They asked for a picture with EVERY SINGLE PRINCESS!

But sitting in a dark theatre for two hours, they were very active afterwards, so the moms stood and chatted, while the kids ran, and ran, and ran.

The rest of the day was spent outside, the kids playing with neighborhood kids, and hopping from one playground to the next.

Sunday, we hopped in the car bright and early and finished grocery shopping at Superstore and then hit up the garden centre to get our flowers.

When we got home, Alicia and Neil came over to help us move around our patio furniture.  I wanted the front to be a seating area and the back patio to have our table for dinners.  It looks amazing!  Super happy with it.  They even helped us plant our flowers, Neil swept the trimmings from the bushes I hedged, and Alicia washed the windows and baseboards in the breezeway!



And don’t worry- the kids had fun without us, haha.

It really was a great time.  I feel so lucky to live where we do in such a great neighbourhood with lots of kids around.  And I feel lucky to have such great family and friends in my life.

Monday Mantra- brought to you by me starting to feel a bit better.  I find when I’m sick and then start to come around, I always feel so, so lucky to have my “health” back, it is something that can be so easily taken for granted.

On that note, I’m still not 100%, so I think I hear my bed calling my name!



Blissful Bhakti Babe

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