Kombucha Party + Wednesday Pose + Rainbows and <3 notes

Wednesday Pose of the Day- Warrior 2 Bind

What is a bind?  A bind is any yoga position where two parts of the body are connected or touching- typically the hands come together.  A bind can help deepen the stretch and can eventually become quite relaxing for the body.

Why bind?  Binds help massage the internal organs and CAN help to detox the body.  And as mentioned above, they can deepen a stretch and relax you and the muscles.

For this pose, we start in Tadasana(Mountain Pose) at the top of our mats.

And step back into warrior two.  You will notice the back foot points to the long edge of the mat and the front foot points to the short edge (Front).

Then bring arms up parallel to the earth.

Lean downwards and you will notice the front hand naturally points out.

Once you reach your destination towards the earth, turn the hand so it points towards the back of the room. Like in the pic below.

Now we are going to reach behind the hamstring with the front hand and the back hand is going to reach behind the back.  In hopes of meeting.

See how the hands bind together in the back.

And then you attempt to open up the heart centre as much as you can, so that the torso is not pointed towards the earth.  You can even gaze upwards if that’s comfortable with the neck, if not simply gaze forward.

And if you are having a hard time connecting your hands- don’t push it.  Use a strap!

This pose feels so amazing and also helps to strengthen the quads and glutes as well as the core.  An overall, total body pose.  And don’t forget to breath!  Try it out and let me know how it goes! <3

Yesterday, I picked the girls up from daycare and we headed to Superstore to pick up some protein for their supper.  We had lots of veggies left over from Monday’s supper, but no protein.

The girls need a new summer hat, and so they picked these out.  Don’t they look all grown up and adorable?  I’m not sure why they pose like this haha, I asked them to stand straight, but they refused.

We had supper and then when Matt got home, I took off to pick up my bestie, Alicia, so we could make our way to St James Gate downtown.

There was an event last night thrown by my friends, Tina and Elsa Wedge to promote their Kombucha- Kissing Rocks Kombucha.  It is now an official beverage at this bar.  You can get it on tap, or you can get it as a mixed alcoholic drink.  Perfect for summer as it’s refreshing and also helps to keep you hydrated.

It was a successful evening, and even though it felt REALLY weird to be out on a TUESDAY evening, we had a blast socializing with adults.

The beautiful garnish was made by the adorable Louis- Tina’s son.

I had actually stopped at Tina’s house after school and got my own weeks supply….but it was so awesome having free Kombucha during the evening!

And then when I got home, I had to pack up the van with Matt’s biking supplies and pump up his tires as he has a race he is doing tonight.  So that = dinner at my MOMS!  Haha I’m spoiled.

This morning, Leah woke up and IMMEDIATELY put on her new hat….she’s a bit excited about it.

And then the girls got busy writing me love notes.  Like seriously- what an amazing way to start my day!!

This one is from Leah- My mom is so special, I love she so much.

And this is from Lily- My mommy is amazing I love so much I’m going to give she a kiss.

And then I drove to work with this BEAUTIFUL rainbow staring at me the whole time.

Good signs for Hump Day!

Hope you all have a fabulous day! xoxo



Blissful Bhakti Babe

2 thoughts on “Kombucha Party + Wednesday Pose + Rainbows and <3 notes

  1. That yellow flowing shirt 😍 Where did you get it?! I want 💗💗💗

    1. Hi Stephanie! It’s actually from Urban Planet lol, there was a sale buy one get one for $1. They have sooooooooo many Kimonos right now and I LOVE Kimonos!

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