Happy May Long Weekend!!! + Boiled Weiners + Monday Mantra

Wow, I just LOVE long weekends.  It absolutely amazes me how much more I can get done when I have that ONE extra day!  We usually spend the long weekend at the cottage, but this year we decided we just wanted to stay home.  For several reasons, one- we were away last weekend for Matts bike race/Mother’s Day in PEI and we played catch up ALL week with food, and laundry and such.

And one of my best friends baby shower was Saturday and there was no way I was missing that!  Krys just moved back home after her hubby finished his med degree and got a job at one of the hospitals here.  Krystle and Matt went to high school together, and her husband Mark and I went to high school together.  Then all four of us worked at Camp Centennial and Krys and I fell in love over taco salad and boiled weiners haha.

It was the best baby shower ever!  With sangria, wine, and of course, food that the mother-to-be requested herself.

The cookies her nan makes (these were at the wedding in lieu of a cake.)

And passion flakes….haha

AND, mac and cheese, boiled weiners, and POUTINE!

And a charcuterie board!

It was so fun and just a great way to hang out with some of my closest friends on the long weekend….and let’s no forget the sangria!

Then the girls and I went over to Bonnie and Scotts house.  Bonnie is a girlfriend who is in my book club and who ended up moving in to our cul-de-sac two doors down! (she was also at the baby shower) And of course, Matt went to high school with Scott.  They bought THIS!

So of course, we had some fun….and yes….I got in on it as well.

We are really lucky to have such great friends close by!

And I was teaching a yoga workshop on Sunday at Camp Centennial.  They were having their counselor training and they like to have alumni help out as much as they can.  So, Katie and I did a workshop on how to incorporate Yoga into Camp.


And John and Vince even gave it a shot.  They did awesome!

They are such a dynamic group, they got really into it and it made it so much fun to watch!  This is such a special place, filled with special people. <3

They are going to have a great summer!  And my girls are going for two weeks!

Matt was going somewhere with his bike to get his seat fixed as he has lost weight and now it hurts his bum to sit in his bike for too long (and he bikes for HOURS).  He didn’t realize that he would be gone for SEVEN hours!

So, the girls and I went to get groceries as we are having some of our parents over for supper (a late Mother’s day thing for his mother) this evening.

In the parking lot of the grocery store, I turned around and saw this!  I’m in trouble.

And then the girls and I did a LOT of crafts and when we saw the sun come out at 6pm we took off for a loooong scooter ride to burn off energy from being cooped up all day!

We are so lucky to be in a neighbourhood with so many young families….and as  you can see, it’s growing.  We ran into about six families all out and we hung out for awhile with them.  It is going to be a fun summer!

Today, we are playing outside as much as we can and then having a BBQ for supper!  I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful long weekend as well! xoxo


Blissful Bhakti Babe

Monday Mantra– in light of the long weekend and us deciding to stay put.  It was hard for us as we knew people were sad with the decision to not go to camp/cottage, but it was what WE needed as individuals and as a family.  And I’m proud of us for making the decision that made the most sense for us.  We are rested, content and happy with our weekend and also ready for the final long stretch to the end of the school year.

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