GratiTuesday + Fairy Gardens + Family Dinner

Good morning beautiful humans!

I hope everyone is feeling rested after that long weekend.  I am so thankful for that extra day, and thankful it was so gorgeous out (minus the EPIC winds!!).  We were able to get so much spring cleaning done and had a really productive weekend.  The girls room is now de-cluttered and I switched over their winter clothes to their spring/summer clothes.  And gave three bags of clothes to Phoebe and Piper. (one of my girlfriends, Alicia, and I were pregnant with our first kids at the same time- me with twins, and her with her son Alfie.  Then a year later, she got pregnant with twin girls, and had them in August- same month I had the girls.  So it’s perfect for me to pass clothes along to them)  And they LOVE getting clothes from my girls.  Alicia sent me dozens of pictures last night of them having a fashion show trying it all on.

And bonus, when we went to drop the clothes off, we ended up having an impromtu play date!

And mommy got to sit in the sun for a bit!  Made us excited for summer!

Matt was out biking, obviously, so the girls and I ran some errands and then went home to shower and eat lunch.   They wanted to help:

And then we showered- I wanted to shower early as we were having people over for supper.  I also wanted to cut the girls hair- and I did- I chopped about six inches off.  It took me over a month to convince them to let me cut their hair.  They LOVE it long, but with summer coming, and with it lots of sand, swimming, and sunscreen….I wanted it to be easier to deal with.

Before Matt left, we actually went out for a family walk/bike ride.  The girls are getting pretty good but are quite timid about going fast.  Any tips???

And then we got home, and the girls helped daddy get into his bike.  They LOVE helping him!

And then we spent time cleaning and playing outside while getting ready for our dinner. We were having Matt’s parents and sisters over and my mom.

The girls had a great time creating their fairy/gnome garden with Auntie Lauren.

They were pretty proud of their work.

We got some hula hoops this weekend and my mom was trying to teach the girls how to throw it like a boomerang, so that it comes back to you.  It was quite humorous to watch.

We had a DELICIOUS BBQ supper with LOTS of veggies- Matt did a GREAT job on the BBQ.  The girls finished early….so they went out to play….and this was the view for the rest of us still eating.

Kinda creepy haha.


Ponder this eye-opening question –

What’s something enjoyable you get to experience every day that you’ve come to take for granted?

I find it so interesting that as humans, we tend to fall into a routine (not all of us) and stop being present in the moments.  I know I am guilty of this.  I get up every day at 4:42 and go to the gym, do my morning routine, work, come home, do our evening routine, do some yoga, watch TV, go to bed.  I even eat the same foods (except for supper) because it’s just easier that way.

But I TEACH my students in my yoga class to live in the moment, and to be present and to bring our awareness to our surroundings and what is going on around and within us.

But routine is easy, and with it, we just drive aimlessly sometimes, and then arrive at our destination and not even remember how we got there.

There are so many things that I am thankful for in my everyday life.  I get to hug my daughters, and they give the BEST hugs.  I get to tuck them in at night and then check on them before I go to bed.  And listen to their sweet breathing and smell that smell of a clean toddler.  There is nothing better than that (except maybe the smell of a clean baby!)

I get to teach yoga DAILY in the school system!!!!  That is something I get to do everyday, that sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have achieved this.

I get to smell coffee brewing when I get home from the gym and enjoy that first sip with my breakfast.

I get to pick my girls up from daycare and watch the pure love and excitement they get when they see me and run to me to give me a hug (I know this will not be a forever thing, haha, in their teen years, so I’m relishing in it now!)

I get to hop out of bed and get dressed easily (something that being with Matt, I know is a luxury and I don’t want to take for granted)

There are so many simple pleasure (like the smell of freshly cut grass) that if we bring our awareness to and live in the moment we can enjoy daily.

What are some things you get to enjoy daily, that maybe have become so routine, you don’t often take the time to think of how special it/they is/are?

I’d love to hear about it!  Share in the comments!

Happy GratiTuesday everyone!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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