Five Friday Favs <3 + A sad little girl + A birthday party

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone!!!!  And it looks like it will be a gloriously beautiful one at that!

Yesterday, I got to work and got a call shortly after from Matt, saying Leah had been sick at school.  He actually was on his way to Fredericton for a meeting and turned around to go pick her up.  I LOVE my job, but that’s the most difficult part, as a teacher, you can’t just pick up and leave in these cases.  You have your OWN students to take care of, and someone has to be there with them.  It is hard being at work when you want to be home comforting your own child.

She was not feeling well AT all, and it came out of no where!  She was so happy and perfectly fine at breakfast, but when she got to school, I guess she was sick several times.  She was actually a bit excited to have a day by herself with daddy….twin problems!  But she ended up spending the entire time curled up on the couch with a garbage can close by….just in case 🙁

I left school at lunch to check on her though and she was happy to see me but still under the weather.  Poor little girl! 🙁 (I stopped and got her some popsicles on my way)

I picked up Lily after school and we went home to check on her sister.  She was feeling better, and had not been sick since I left at lunch and had finally eaten something substantial.

After supper, we packed up for my sister’s house for Claire’s birthday party.  Poor Leah couldn’t go, and I think that was the worst part for her.  She LOVES her cousins and obviously loves birthday cake and birthday parties.  It was pretty heart wrenching to tell her she couldn’t come, she didn’t quite understand and kept promising us over and over that she wouldn’t be sick….poor thing.

So, she wrote a nice little note for Claire in her card.  She did it all by herself and it was so cute to listen to her sounding out the words. “I love you and I hope you have a great birthday.”

And I always do block letters on the envelopes, so Lily copied me inside.

Then, Lily and I went and picked up Nana.  Lily was a bit excited to be going with us all by herself….this makes me realize that we REALLY need to do lots of one-on-one dates this summer.  I used to try to do this periodically throughout the year, but have been slacking a bit since Christmas break.

And then we spent time with family and sang happy birthday to Claire.

Always a fun time for the kids, and fun for us to see each other.  Sometimes, we only get to see the extended family (aunts and uncles) at these types of events.

And of course, Auntie Kelly was there too!

Claire had a bit of help opening up her gifts!

And then we went home to get some rest.  Lily enjoyed her treat bag on the way home.

Don’t worry- we brought home some cake for Leah and Daddy.  My sister, Sondra and her husband Nick are so sweet.  Claire had asked for an ice-cream cake and knowing that it would melt by the time we got home- they actually went out and bought a mini chocolate caramel cake for Leah and Matt.  She was a BIT excited!!!!

And Leah got a wicked treat bag, so that cheered her up as well!

Five Friday Favs!

1. iGen- Why Today’s Super-Connected Kids Are Growing Up Less Rebellious, More Tolerant, Less Happy- and Completely Unprepared for Adulthood. I spoke about this one in yesterday’s post, and I’ve already started reading it and I’m obsessed!  Although it is science based, with lots of supported evidence and graphs, it is actually quite easy and quick to read.  I’m really enjoying it and I am passionate about this topic and highly recommend.

2. This new lava bead mala necklace that I picked up last weekend in PEI.  I got this from How       Bazaar which is a store owned by a man in PEI who travels quite frequently to China, Korea, India and Africa and picks up artifacts and brings them back to sell.  So, he buys right from the makers, and then sells them here.  It is a healing stone that can help ground one and also helps with anxiety.  It is also a birthstone for Taurus and Cancer (and I’m a Cancer).  I love this stone as you can also put some essential oils on it and it keeps the smell throughout the day.

3. Nuts ‘n More Peanut Butter- this stuff is AMAZING!  And a healthier alternative for Peanut Butter.  They have extracted a lot of the oil and sugar and made it healthier, plus it also has a higher protein count.  There are many flavours- but this one is my favourite, as it is sweet AND salty and has a bit of crunch to it!

4. Lenny and Larry’s Protein Cookies- if you haven’t tried these, you MUST!  They are high in calories though, so it is more of a meal replacement rather than a snack (unless you cut it in half).  Matt and I enjoy having these around on the weekends in case we are in a rush and need something quick.  We REALLY enjoy them with our coffees for breakfast.

5. And of course, One Bars.  These have 20grams of protein and only 1 gram of SUGAR!  Huge!  Such a healthy alternative.

Now of course with all three of these, I would ALWAYS suggest eating NATURAL foods first, but these are a fun treat to have and definitely helps to curb the sweet tooth and if you’re anything like me… have a HUGE sweet tooth…..

Alright folks, that’s it for me for today!

Hope you all have a FABULOUS weekend!


Blissful Bhakti Babe



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