Canoe School + Matt’s bike accident

Happy Thursday everyone!  It is so hard to believe that this is the LAST day of May!!!  Insane- this year has just flown by!

And for high school students, they only have one full week of classes left before their exam period begins.  We are in that final stretch.

Today, at our school it is May Day- Gathering of the Clans.  This is a day where our feeder school kids (grade 8) come to partake in activities led by the students leaders of our school.  They get a tour, lunch, and also an assembly.  It is a nice way to introduce them to the school they will be attending next year- I think it makes them a little less nervous come September.

It is a whole day activity, and then after school, they stay for pizza and bingo, and outdoor games.

I am picking up the girls from daycare and then bringing them back here with me while I supervise.  It’s so fun for them to be around the big kids, and my students are so amazing with teacher’s kids when they come around.

The girls have swimming tonight and then we will go home and I will pack up for canoe school.

Canoe School-

I’ve been doing canoe school for 17 years now- WOW, I’m OLD!  I am a certified National Canoe instructor and we hold a canoe school every May for all new camp counselors (from camps all over- and really ANYONE can do it, we have had teachers, and just people who were interested in learning come out) to learn how to canoe and to become certified before they go out with children and their camps.

This canoe school was created by Owen Fraser- many of you have heard me talk about him before.  He was a major mentor, figure and friend in my life for many years.  He passed away two years ago almost to the day (June 3).  He had passed away right before Canoe School, and even though we were all devastated, we persevered and went ahead with canoe school that year knowing that is what he would want.

This was from his last year at canoe school.

It is not the same without him, but we continue to run canoe school in his honour and for the camp counselors.

These are also some of my bestest friends, so it’s fun to get away for a weekend of outdoor fun with them.

The summer before Owen passed, a group of us would get together weekly and build canoe paddles together. (My brother-in-law is a genius and so good at this kind of stuff, so he was patient and kind with teaching us how to build our own).  We got to pick the wood, and shape, etc., and it was just so great to spend so much time together and with Owen.  And when the paddles were done and ready to be varnished, Owen inked his thumb print on all of them, beforehand.  What an amazing memory and treasure to have.

***Owen TOOK the picture and didn’t want to be in it, haha.

It never fails though, that canoe school is cold and wet, so I’m packing LOTS of warm, comfy clothes!

Last night, I had an appointment with Tina and Matt had a bike race, so my mom picked the girls up from daycare and had them over to her house for supper.

They had spaghetti- can you tell, haha.  They are also pretending to be farm kids here.

And I went there after my appointment and watched the girls practice gymnastics.

Then the girls and I went home and got ready for bed.  I had a productive evening, food prepped for the next few days, did two loads of laundry, put the screens back in the windows (I take them out to hang Christmas decorations on the windows), packed the girls for the cottage for the weekend and starting packing myself.

Matt had a bike race, and this weekend has a bike camp- so he’s home but busy and I’m away so the girls are going to the cottage.

So- Matt’s bike race……

I got a call in the middle of putting the girls to bed, from a strange number.  It was Matt- he had a biking accident during his race and flipped his bike on a turn.  He then got a flat tire and was stranded as he was the only hand bike and so obviously the able bikers had already passed him.  He had no phone, and his elbow was pretty banged up (which may not seem bad, but his triceps and elbows are what gets him in and out of bed, his chair, car, etc., so it’s pretty sucky!)

Thankfully, he flagged down a KIND, KIND woman who stopped her car and offered to drive him, but he can’t get out of his bike without his chair, so he borrowed her phone to call me.  I tried to get a hold of the people at the race, but no one was answering phones or text messages.  So, this AMAZING stranger drove to the start line (which she had no idea where it was, but followed Matt’s instructions) and found someone to come rescue Matt.

So scary, and he felt so helpless, and I also felt so helpless being so far away and unable to do anything but wait to hear from him.


Needless to say, he got home VERY late and we had to bandage him all up, so we are a bit tired today.  Still got the gym in though- so that gave me energy!

Also- this will help.  It’s a double fisting kind of day….lots of coffee please!

Almost the weekend folks!

Have a great day!



Blissful Bhakti Babe


2 thoughts on “Canoe School + Matt’s bike accident

  1. Omg poor matt!! Thank goodness for that stranger helping him out! Lots of healing vibes to Matt!!

    1. thanks Ames xoxo. He’s all good now! Was back to backing yesterday!

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