A calm night + Five Friday Favs!

Last night I got the girls and we picked up some food for supper and went home to get ready for swim.

We went to swimming lessons and Leah requested a car pick when we arrived, where they aren’t “far” away, haha, she said, “Mommy, when you take a picture in daddy’s van, Lily and I are so tiny, it’s not fair.”  So here Leah- this one’s for you.

They were quite excited and had a lot of fun.  The lessons are so quick, and seem rushed to me but they just LOVE being in the water, no matter for how long!

Other than that, we had a quiet evening at home.  Got some cuddle time in with Lily (yes, this is part of a GREY sweatsuit, that I enjoy putting on the moment I get home from work as it’s soft, warm and comfy)

And she made a hand-held microphone and a microphone that wraps around her ear.  And then she performed for us!

And then we brushed our teeth- they are getting pretty good at doing a sufficient job.

It’s so funny how we go in to check on the girls and find Leah is the most bizarre positions.

I am quite excited to say we don’t have too much on the go this weekend!  Other than the usual- gymnastics on Saturday.

Although, I guess Alicia and I are taking the kids to the RHS musical, which is basically a variety of Disney songs!!!  I’m so excited!  We brought the girls and Alfie to The Little Mermaid when they did it at RHS and the kids were enthralled.  They are older this time (except Phoebe and Piper) so I’m excited to see how they like it this time around.

And on Sunday, Alicia and Neil are coming over to help Matt and I (me) move the patio furniture around while the kids play!  Really looking forward to it!

But other than that, it’s a quiet weekend and hopefully a restful one.  I hope it is for all of you as well!

Five Friday Favs

  1. I am a loser who LOVES garden gnomes and things like that. I have QUITE a few Buddhas in my garden and some bigger fairies and gnomes, but recently saw this whole tiny village (it’s actually two different packages- one a gnome house and one a fairy).  The girls and I were quite excited when we saw them at the garden centre and they each picked one out.  We are enjoying our village – they added the My Little Ponies.

  1. Walking in and seeing the girls giving daddy big hugs. This makes my heart melt.  I’m not going to lie- at this moment, I seem to be the favored parent (this has changed throughout the past six years constantly) and so when I see daddy getting some lovin, I can’t help but smile.

***This one, I walked in and they were pretending to be asleep to “trick mommy”

  1. These fudgicles from Costco. My family has been getting these for years and I had forgotten about them until recently.  They are DELICIOUS (once you get passed the layer of ice) and they are not too unhealthy for you.


  1. Twins! They have the ENTIRE room (see pics) to sit and watch TV and THIS is where they sit.  Basically ON TOP of one another!  This is EVERYDAY too!  They may fight like cats and dogs and say they don’t love one another- but they can’t STAND not being close to one another.

I mean look at all the seats!  And doesn’t matter where they are in the room, or what couch they are sitting on, they are always essentially on top of one another!

  1. This meme- because it spoke to me on a deep level, haha.  This.  Is.  My.  Life!

Alright- that’s it for now folks!  I just got my Gypsy Goddess box and will be sharing all the fabulous things inside next week!

Hope you all have a great weekend!



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