Yoga Project + I am so excited!

After work Wednesday, I got the girls and we spent some time outdoors.  The girls have discovered that they can climb up on the shelf in the garage and LOVE doing it.  I feel like this is just the beginning of discoveries like this….

And then we had supper and did our homework.  The homework has changed and they are no longer practicing the alphabet but working on words and reading books that are a bit more challenging.  It’s exciting and they have been looking forward to homework lately.

Found this on my phone- The girls got into Nana’s tickle trunk this past weekend and came up the stairs dressed as a leprechaun and Lily with a Ninja Turtle bucket on her head.

My Yoga 110 students were assigned a project a little while ago.  They had to pick a Yama that they connected to, whether it is because they struggle with it, or have/do it in excess or perhaps feel depleted with this yama – for example one Yama is Ahimsa- non violence towards yourself and others.  This could be violence with words, thoughts, etc.  They then wrote a piece explaining why they picked this yama and also explained what their project was.  They needed to be creative and they BLEW me away.  (Most of them)  I am not sure if this last paragraph makes sense to most people- but end note- some of the projects/creativity/efforts were just amazing!

One student MADE candles, and took pictures of the entire process.  She made multi-coloured candles in all shapes and sizes and she wrote messages to herself with the yama she chose in mind.  These messages were put on a special paper that doesn’t burn and she put them in to the hot wax before they dried.  So, once the candles are lit, the person with the candle will get these positive notes along the way.  Crazy creative!

These are the messages within the candles, and a picture of her process:



And here is the final product.

Another student created a dream catcher for her project.

And one girl hand painted this rock- BEAUTIFUL!

While another painted several rocks with motivational words- to place on her mat depending on what she needed to focus on that day.

As a teacher, when students pass things in like this where you KNOW they put thought and effort into it, it just makes your heart sing!  It’s things like that, that make me love my job!

Annnnd this came in the mail today!  Excited to start my macrame project with my mom and will show the final product when it’s done!

I am so, so excited as I head out this evening for Montreal to be with Matt!  I LOVE travelling, ANYWHERE and I love road trips as I said yesterday.  Matt is picking me up at the airport and we will probably just grab supper and have a chill evening before the festivities begin Friday!

My in laws are coming in to be with the girls and in order to prepare for that- I cleaned the house.  Last night I showered and got myself ready and packed and then cleaned the basement and made all the beds down there.  THIS morning, I got up and worked out and then cleaned the girls bathroom, did two loads of laundry, stripped my bed and re-made it, got myself ready and the girls and did their hair, packed their lunch for today AND tomorrow and packed their gymnastics bag for Saturday and their swimming bag for tonight.  I feel like I’ve ran a marathon and it’s only 9am!!!!  I need a nap!  Or coffee through an IV! 🙂

Alright- have a GREAT day everyone- it’s a bit drizzly out there but the grass will be greener because of it AND tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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