Whirlwind Weekend and Monday on 4hrs of sleep and lots of coffee!

Wow!  What a whirlwind weekend!  I flew into Montreal Thursday evening and basically had enough time to eat and then head to bed in preparation for Friday.  We were up early and left the hotel by 7:45 to get to the park in time for Matt’s photo-shoot.  He is not one to really show off or post pics or even post a facebook status about himself, so a photo-shoot ALL about HIM was really out of his comfort zone.

He did a great job though and the photographers were amazing and made it a really comfortable and fun experience.  It was long though- from 8 to almost 11!

Then we headed downtown so I could get my tattoos.  I went to the same tattoo artist who did my Lotus flower on my back shoulder and I loved it so assumed I would love these ones as well.  I DO, but I had to go back the next day to get a touch up on my moon phase and I think it being worked on two days in a row REALLY irritated it and it’s quite red and hot and perhaps a bit infected….so I’m dealing with that right now.  Hope it heals nicely, because I REALLY do love it.

After my tattoo, I walked around while Matt came to pick me up and I fell upon a really cute cupcake store.  They are famous for their cookie dough, however, so I got some of that instead of cupcakes.  Okay fine, I got the cookie dough AND two cupcakes and the dough was AMAZING.  The cupcakes were okay.  I got red velvet for myself and chocolate peanut butter for Matt.  They also had displays of cakes they have done.

THIS one- is the Book of Monster’s from Harry Potter and I was in AWE!

And then look at this Johnny Depp cake of his Mad Hatter Character!  Awesome.

And I picked up these beers, because I loved the characters on the bottles.

Also, Montreal has soooo many stores that are filled with Crystals, and singing bowls, and malas, etc., so I was in HEAVEN when I walked into these two!

Matt raced on Saturday and got first place in his division (athletes with similar injuries to his) and placed third OVERALL with all levels of injuries.

And then Sunday, he raced again and even with some faulty equipment, came out with a second place finish.  He’s hard on himself and was expecting more, but I think he did an incredible job.

He was actually so cold afterwards that we couldn’t get him out of his bike.  His knees wouldn’t bend, and his body just wouldn’t co-operate.  He could barely SPEAK and it was actually quite scary.  I was worried for hypothermia.

After we sat in the car for 45 minutes while he warmed up and dried up and changed, we started the long trek home.  It was a wonderful drive.  We saw one moose, lots of deer and rodents.  And got to enjoy the beauty of the full pink moon.

And I always travel with lots of stones and crystals.  Ones that are good for travelling and good for jet leg, etc., so I charged them in the car while we drove.

And of COURSE, my guilty pleasure- travel candy!  Candy is my weakness!

And, also, on Saturday after the race, we met up with Olivia.  She was one of the students who traveled to China with me!  I went with five chaperones and 40 students and we were each responsible for 8 students.  Olivia was one of the girls in my group and they called me their travelling moms and they were my daughters.  So, Matt and I got to go out for supper with her, and I was excited for him to meet her and experience that group/part of my China experience.  It was so great catching up with her- what a great gal!

And don’t worry- I’m pretty sure the girls didn’t really miss us that much.  They were having a BLAST at home without us!

They WERE excited to see us this morning, we got lots of hugs and kisses.  However, they were EXTREMELY excited for Daddy’s medals, which they wore all morning and I’m pretty sure they now belong to them, haha.

Today was rough- going on four hours of sleep and LOTS of coffee….thank goodness I have amazing students and I was busy doing an introduction to the Elizabethan era, which I’m obsessed with, so it made the day go by quickly!

Now- it’s off to eat supper and then hopefully go to sleep WHEN the girls do!

Hope you had a great Monday!

Night and Namaste! 🙂

Blissful Bhakti Babe

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