Weekend fun + Sun + Goddess Retreat follow up!

WOW!  What an amazing weekend!  I’ve talked to several people today who all had the same sentiments.  It’s crazy what the sun can do for us, isn’t it?  Being able to be outdoors comfortably really helps make the weekend enjoyable.  I know for us, we spent the majority of the weekend outside! (well, the girls more so than us)

Friday, Matt picked the girls up so I could go grocery shopping before coming home.  It was actually such a treat to grocery shop without any children!  I think I walked at a snails pace, up and down each row, just looking at things.  It was beautiful haha.

Then we cuddled on the couch while reading books before bed.

Saturday, I was up early because I was off to teach yoga at the Goddess Gatherings with Stephanie Johnston!!!  Oh my gosh, I just LOVE teaching yoga at these retreats!

It’s funny because this was my second time and so I thought, well what can I get out of it, if I’ve already done it before?  But, I now know that the experience is so vastly different based on the dynamics of the group.  I knew three of the women who were attending this weekend and not only was it great to share the space with them, it was so, so nice to share stories and experiences with each other.  These weekends are never the same and I hope I get the opportunity to do it again.

I do a gentle Yin, for about 45 minutes in the afternoon after they are done with the spa.

But I also do five to ten minute stretches throughout the day as well, as we sit cross legged on cushions throughout the entire day.


The experience of the yurt alone, makes it worth it.  And Stephanie’s ability to decorate it and make it a sanctuary is insane- I mean look at this!

And you spend so much time just writing, journaling your thoughts with the intent of finding out your core desired feelings- how you want to live and how you want to feel.  She gives everyone this workbook to journal in.

And there are always essential oils and sprays you can use.

Not to mention the food!!!!!  It’s amazing- and was not the same as what I had last time- which was neat as I got to experience new things.



It was a wonderful, relaxing day! Sunday was also fun.  It was a beautiful day and so we spent most of it outside (after we did a craft first thing in the morning)

We then went to a park before Matt had to leave for his bike ride.  We played tag for quite awhile until the girls found a buddy from daycare and then mommy got a break.

After the park, we went to the coffee shop called Buddha Bear along the boardwalk in Riverview.  Got some coffee and the girls had a chance to run!



We came home and had lunch and Matt and I had Naan bread with cow cheese as a spread, and big, thick slices of tomato, cucumber and avocado with smoked salmon on top.  This was AMAZING and I will repeating it this week for a supper one night!  Yum.

When daddy took off for biking, the girls had some chill time so I could food prep for the week and do some laundry.  After that, we decided to take off and scooter to Nana’s.  My mom lives about a ten minute walk away- so it’s a nice little scooter ride for the girls.

Nana, of course, had some snacks for the girls.

And after a visit with Nana, we headed home.  It was still beautiful out, so we played outside and build a fort before bedtime.

All in all, it was an incredible weekend with some me time and still lots of family time.  It made me excited for summer!

Hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend time and here’s to a new week!

Happy Monday!!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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