SPRING IS HERE! + so many visits!

Monday was a bit rough for me.  I woke up with a headache and powered through the gym thinking it would go away.  I thought it had, but it slowly returned once I arrived at work and stuck with me….the WHOLE day!  It was painful and made for a long day, but thankfully I have amazing students and I’m doing a section of the curriculum that I LOVE and so it made it easier to get through.

Today we are winding down and finishing this unit, so the week is pretty set up- which is nice for a teacher.

Matt left this morning for Montreal and I’m so excited for him.  We packed up two coolers of food last night and packed his bike and bags into the van.  I join him Thursday evening and I am SO looking forward to it.  I know he gets nervous but I just want him to not focus on the “race” aspect and just have fun.  Too much pressure when you hyper-focus!

SOOOOOO- the weather!!!!  It has been amazing the past few days!  Makes me feel like THIS is super close!

And you can tell spring is in the air!  Matt and I built our house, so it was custom and super accessible and when we built in this neighbourhood it was just a cul-de-sac with mostly retired folks in it.  It has continued to expand and they opened it up creating more streets and more and more young people with children are moving in.  Matt always finds it fascinating that we see people walking down the street EVERYDAY that we don’t know, as there are always new people.  I love it and look forward to the girls meeting kids in the neighbourhood and playing with them.  Some of my BEST memories are childhood memories skipping and playing hide and go seek with the neighbourhood kids.

Like I said- spring is in the air and you can tell!  People are dusting off the cobwebs and getting outside!  Yesterday, when we got home from work, the girls immediately went outside and had a blast!  They created homes for their stuffies and played house.

Then, my mom stopped by after she was off work.  She wanted to get out for a walk and popped in to say hello.

After she left, my girlfriend Amy (who lives down the street -we went to High School together) stopped by with her two boys and the kids played on scooters and bikes for awhile. (mine in their PJ’s- another wonderful memory I have of my childhood, what’s better than spring days playing outside in pj’s before bed??)  The sun was really bright and we were squinting- but the SUN WAS OUT so I’m not gonna complain! 🙂

And then, my dad stopped by!  Which was amazing- he is always on the go and busy and enjoys helping us out with our house and fixing things- thank GOODNESS!!!!  And so he came to do one thing, and left after he had done four!  Lol, it’s a wonder he comes by at all- we really put him to work!

He came to put our tree protectors away for the summer- but ended up fixing our central vac, and then hung this picture for me that I got for my birthday LAST June:

And then helped Matt tweak his bike before he leaves for his race.

Thanks dad!!!

And tonight- we are off to my mom’s house for dinner!  Yay- I’m so excited.  My mom has been working until 6 for the past few months which has been tough as she usually worked until 5 and the girls and I would often stop by on the way home.  Six is a bit too late though, as the girls go to bed between 6:30-7….now that it’s spring this keeps getting pushed later and later!  So, her shift has been switched back to 5 and we are heading there tonight!



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