Speeches + Dinner + Shakespeare <3 + New Blogging Plans!!!!

Yesterday was a great day!  The oratory competition happened, and it was amazing.  We have been doing this for years, and have only EVER needed ONE period to go through all of the speakers.  This year we needed TWO complete classes!  The competition was fierce and I was blown away by the talent and natural speaking ability.  I had 11 of my own students compete, and one of them is going on to Districts next week and honourable mentions to my duo (who, in my opinion, should also be going to Districts).  I couldn’t be prouder, and hope that even though some didn’t place, they are proud of themselves and continue to write.  I was so emotionally invested, I was tired last night from it and again this morning when we announced the winners.  I could have cried (out of happiness for the winners and sadness for the ones who didn’t place).

Here are some of my girls (with their permission) and again, I can’t post the video for some reason, but I am DEFINITELY posting on my story- so please, GO check these ladies out!  They are in grade 9 and 10!!!!  And were competing against grade 11 and 12 students!

And then I went to get the girls and we drove to my dad and Becky’s house for supper!  Matt joined us there after work.

The girls had a great time! (So did the adults haha) but Nanny B has lots of quilting fabric that the girls LOVE to look through and they were even allowed to pick some out and draw on them!  Then Leah and Nanny B spent about a half an hour looking at quilt patterns and made plans to make a fabric banner for her room.  Lily spun on the stool the whole time haha.

And of course they also got some Peppa Pig time while they waited for dessert.

Also- after dinner Becky gave me some tea and passed me a mini plate for my tea bag and I was SO excited!!!!!  She passed me this!  And neither dad nor Becky knew that it was a picture of Mary Arden’s house!!!!  Shakespeare’s mother! (nerd alert!)  I was so excited that I think they felt sorry for how nerdy I am and they gave it to me.

Also, they gave it to me because I told them that I have a matching plate at home with Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre on it.

After supper, the girls and Matt headed home and I went to Tina’s house to get pampered a bit!  I love these appointments and love our chats!

She also lent me her hair iron as she’s off to coachella today and won’t need it there!  She said I could use it while she’s gone and then she’d help me get a new one when she gets back.

I am actually super excited to see her pics from Coachella as she puts together not only outfits, but “looks” and I live vicariously through her.

And this morning I got home from the gym and Matt had to leave at 6:40 to head to Fredericton for meetings.  I helped him get in the van and that put me behind schedule.  It made for a hectic morning, and the girls and I were in a rush trying to get everything done and them to school on time.  I managed though, with TWO minutes to spare!

Breakfast of champions!  Cut up strawberry and apple- and they also got waffles and yogurt.

And then I got to school in time to meet with the candidates of the oratory competition to announce the winners.

Man, by the time I get to work I feel like I’ve run a marathon!  Anyone else feel this way???  Gym from 5-6:30, get home, get myself ready and the girls, make beds, and breakfast for whole family, make coffee and pack lunches and school bags.  Phew!  Makes me tired just thinking about it!

Should be a good day though!  And a hair appointment this evening!  Yay!

PS- some new direction with the blog will be happening in May!  I will speak of it more concretely next week- but I will be adding some more yoga to the blog.  Days where I discuss poses, and flows and also dive into the history and beliefs like Yamas, Niyamas and Chakras.  I’m excited!


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