Sisters + Restaurant Dates + Cuddles

Yesterday was National Sibling day- so to honour that, here is a collage of my sis and I – Sondra.  And a photo of the ladies who are very much LIKE sisters and have been in both me and Sondra’s lives for longer than I can remember. (Sondra is actually in this photo as well).

And when I was roaming through my old pictures to find some good ones of Sondra and I, I came across this photo.  Matt and I were avid outdoor enthusiasts, and I am a certified canoe instructor and he was really into kayaking. (I still canoe and teach a canoe school every year) but unfortunately we don’t do it together often as it’s REALLY hard to get him in and out of the canoe/kayak.

And I found this photo of the first time we got Matt into a kayak after the accident.  It was an eventful day, and he had fun….but it was a lot of work!

Yesterday, I got some yoga time in and I meditated for awhile and read one of my favourite books- Meditations on the Mat.  I love this book, especially when looking at the Yamas and Niyamas of yoga, because there are some really nice, short passages that connect them to modern day life and situations that make it easy to understand how we can incorporate these affirmations and guidelines in our life – BOTH on and off the mat.

Matt was away last night, he had business meetings in Fredericton….so I surprised the girls by picking them up and turning into a fast food restaurant.  When daddy is away- the girls will play! (what daddy said when I texted him pics of us at the restaurant lol)

Excited girls!

We RARELY, EVER go to fast food places (except coffee shops….) and they were BEYOND excited!

And then we came home and Leah had half changed into her pj’s and had a headband AND cat ears on- so she insisted on me taking a photo shoot.  She came up with numerous poses….here are a few.  I’m in trouble….

Of course, then it was homework time:

And then time to cuddle before bed.

This RARELY happens anymore…we cuddle EVERY night, but not often do they sit IN my lap anymore….so I will take it and soak it up!  I loved every second!

Lily stole my phone and took photos…..only about 50.

This morning I got some more yoga time in downstairs and a good work out in before the girls got up.  Always an amazing way to start the day! (Lily joined me as she woke up early….)

It’s hump day, and this evening I’m going to a workshop on Mindfulness at Kini Wellness here in Moncton.  Going with one of my closest friends, Katie, whom I haven’t seen in awhile, so it should be a good time!

Happy Hump day everyone! xoxo


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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