Pheasant Fights and Spy Kids

It feels like the weeks are just flying by!  Pretty soon, it will be summer and we will all be hanging out on the beaches!  It is already Wednesday! Almost the weekend time!

Tuesday was great- I just LOVE working with these students who are prepping for the oratory competition today.  They are incredible kids and I get so excited and proud (and nervous for them) each and every time they practice!  I cant WAIT for this afternoon- I woke up so excited for it, but I feel guilty as I know some of them are probably not so excited haha.  I will be taking pics and videos and with permission will let you know how they do!  I can’t even explain how much I get from working with these students and I can only hope that they are getting something from it as well!

Went home yesterday after a department meeting and the girls and I ate supper:

and cleaned the house before daddy came home.  Then we sat down and watched a movie, called Spy Kids- starring Jessica Alba.  (This NEVER happens during the week, and was so random but it happened and it was really nice) Has anyone seen this movie before?  It is super cute and really fun family watch!

Then, we all hopped onto our bed to do some family reading.  The girls wanted to take pics tonight, so these pics are complimentary of them 🙂

After the girls went to bed, Matt and I got ready to do some cardio.  He had to train, obviously, and so I decided to hop on the treadmill as well.  Before we got going, we witnessed this little scuffle with two pheasants in our front lawn???  It was hilarious, and went on for quite some time.  Matt says, “spring is in the air” and they must have been fighting over a lady pheasant.

There is a great video as well, but I couldn’t post it on the blog as it is too large- so check out my insta story- @blissfulbhaktibabe because it is hilarious!  With special voice over from Matt- explaining his thoughts on what is going on.

I did a 30 minute HIIT on the treadmill, and enjoyed myself as I watched some trash TV as I ran.

However, my Achilles Tendinitis (which has been feeling great) started acting up in the last five minutes and was KILLING me afterwards. (still sore today too)  So, I did my stretches.  Hopefully, it helps!

Today, we are going for supper at my father’s house and then I get to see my gal, Tina after school for some ME time and some “self-care.” Haha- whatever works!

And speaking of Tina- if you haven’t heard, Kissing Rocks Kombucha is on tap and St. James Gate, Tomavo and NOW also at Dolma!!!  So, lots of chances to get your ‘buch on!

Happy Hump Day!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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