Parent/Teacher + Book Fairs + Five Friday Favs!

Yesterday was a BUSY day!  Up at 4:42 for the gym and then an active, full day at school.  I’m reading a novel with my students that I love reading and I do a lot of reader’s theatre with it.  It is a fun, active and engaging way to read a novel and makes the days FLY by!

Also, I have a writing group (for some reason of ONLY girls) who come to my room during noon hour on Fridays to chat and share their work.  We mostly focus on poetry and rants.  The school is having their oral competition next Wednesday, so we have been meeting EVERY day at noon hour in order to practice and give tips to each other.  I ADORE these girls and really enjoy our meets, so it is enjoyable, but has also made this week even busier!

And then after school, I picked up the girls and fed them and got them ready for swimming before I had to head back to work.  Since I had Parent/Teacher last night, it was a quick supper kind of night…

A quick and easy supper of broccoli, fish sticks, cucumber and cheese.

The girls had a book fair going on their school yesterday and we gave them $6 with the intention of them getting a BOOK.  We told them BOOK first, and then they can get a toy or eraser or something with whatever they have left.  This is what they got.

Haha, can’t say I blame them!  However, I did say, girls….you know you share the same bedroom right?  And you got the same poster? And Leah responded and said, well mommy…we could put one in your bedroom!

Great. Haha.  They need to smarten up, they could have pooled their money together, got the poster AND more toys!…..I mean books.

Parent/Teacher Interviews were great, and not as busy as usual.  And then I got home in time to go to bed haha.  I did check on the girls though….and sure enough….Leah:

Upside down with no pillow and uncovered!  Looks comfy haha.

And this morning, I was lucky enough to be able to go to the girl’s school early before my own interviews started to go to their classroom.

It was not parent/teacher interviews, but student-led interviews.  Matt and I got to read with the girls, look at their writing work (they each created a book) and do the word wall with them.

Five Friday Favs!

This weekend, my mom and I are making this macrame!  I am so excited!  She used to do this so much and LOVED it.  My mom is a really creative person and used to knit and sew for a living- selling hats and headbands to stores.  And now is a mortgage specialist…’s like she’s had nine lives.  So, she’s excited to get back into this!  This is what we are making:

I just ordered this bikini online- you can actually get mommy and me ones where you can match your girls….but I just got one for myself as I already have the girls bathing suits for the summer.  I’m excited…I’ve never ordered a bathing suit online as you just never know how they will look…so here’s hoping!

I am so excited to be finally wearing my spring FLORALS!!!

I was looking for my usual cinnamon rice cakes at Superstore and they didn’t have ANY.  This went on for a few weeks actually, until LEAH pointed these out and said, look mama, try these!  And I did and I LOVE them!

And because I’m obsessed with Jurassic Park, this spoke to me and made me laugh!

The girls have a birthday party Saturday after gymnastics and I have a lunch date with some of my best girlfriends.  Should be a fun weekend!

Have an awesome weekend!


Blissful Bhakti Babe


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