New Blog Categories + Goddess Gathering + Five Friday Favs!

I’m really excited about my next step in blogging.  As I’ve said before, I’m thoroughly enjoying writing every day and sharing my thoughts and I want to expand upon that.  I named my blog Blissful Bhakti Babe as I am a lover of all things Yoga.  I have taught in several studios and also have been blessed with teaching it as a certified course in the school system.  I’ve grown so much as a yoga instructor within studios, but nothing has developed me like my curriculum course has.  I have read so much and done so much research as I continue to grow Yoga 110 in my school and have learned so much about the history and purpose of Yoga.

My knowledge of the charka system, and Yamas and Niyamas (the basic fundamentals and morals of living a life of yoga) and things like Auyervedic Medicine has really allowed me to expand as a teacher and I’m excited to share some of this information. (A neat pic I found that sums it all up!)

NOW, my blog will still be about my life and family and activities, but certain days will be dedicated to other things.  For instance: I plan on having a day to break down poses or create a simple flow for people to follow.  I would like to have Mindfulness Monday-talking about how to live mindfully and contently, and a day for Life Inspirations- which could be about a novel/podcast/article/or anything inspirational, etc.

This will start in May and I’m pumped!  And hope you are too!  I’m also going to end the blogs with “Questions of the Day” and hope you guys will comment and respond!  I feel so blessed that you have been following along and supporting this!

As for today, it’s Friday!  YAY, and I’m excited.  Yesterday we had swimming- look at these cuties!!!  I just think they look adorable with bathing caps and swimsuits on!

And then after swimming, I got my hair done and now it’s time for relaxation.

I am actually doing the Yoga portion of the April – Goddess Gathering, put on by the lovely Stephanie Johnston.  I feel honoured that she has asked me back for a second session and am excited to be in her wonderful presence.  She has such an amazing aura and it’s so nice being around her!  The day, as I explained in this post  here  is a day for women to just be around other women where we support and listen to each other.  It’s set up to look within and discover what your core desires are and what you want out of life and then HOW to move forward once you figure this out.  Looking forward to it and will share pics/info with you on Monday! (A pic from her FB site)

check it out on instagram @thegoddess.gathering or on FB- The Goddess Gatherings.

Other than that, we actually have a pretty low-key weekend with nothing on the agenda other than food prep, groceries and laundry.  Matt is training HARD as he begins to taper next week in preparation for the big race which is next weekend in Montreal!  I’m so excited!!!  From last year’s event:

And two years ago, after his race- this happened spontaneously:

So….you never know 😉 I might just have something planned for this trip!  We shall see!

Anywho, Matt leaves early in the week so he can get there and prepare and get rested and I will head down Friday.  Super excited!

Five Friday Favs!!

1. Sarah Jayne from Sarah Jayne Design at the Moncton market has done it again! @sarahjaynedesign .  She has come out with a new “collection” of long mala inspired necklaces with buddhas, feathers, precious stones, and tassels.  I am obsessed.  Here are a couple: (forget about the green one though- it’s taken 😉 )

2. This phone charger that I picked up.  When I travel, I am often in charge of students and          therefore ALWAYS have my phone on me.  It’s hard to always find a place to charge it and when I was recently in Europe over March break I traveled with a friend, John.  He had one of these power banks and lent it to me throughout the trip.  I figured it was time I got one for myself! 🙂  Excited!  It was on sale as well, regular $49.99 to $14.99.  Bonus!

3. Matt and I LOVE LOVE LOVE sparkling water!  Yum.  But we hate how much waste there is with cans and bottles (yes, we recycle but still!) So, we have been wanting one of these guys!  It was on sale this week and so we took the plunge and got one.  Excited to make our own and not have to buy some.

4. I have one of these in my classroom and one in the girls room and in our main living space.  I’ve been wanting one for our room as well and they were ALSO on sale this week- so I got one!

5. This sage spray.  I like to burn sage when I want to get rid of old energy and also during new moons, but often don’t have time to waft the smoke and so I heard there is a spray you can make that does the trick and it is great for travelling- get rid of energy in hotel rooms for instance.

And also, if you were thinking of getting into paddle boarding but just for fun and don’t want to spend a whole lot of money- they are ALSO on sale at Canadian Tire.

Have a fabulous weekend!  See you Monday xx


Blissful Bhakti Babe

6 thoughts on “New Blog Categories + Goddess Gathering + Five Friday Favs!

  1. I am excited for the new chapter of you blog! I have let my practice go and really need to get back to the mat but have not found the push yet to do it. I commit myself to your Mondays!!
    Regarding good reads, have you read Meditations from the Mat? It is a good one 🙂

  2. Love this new direction:) So fitting! You should also do yoga/meditation/self love book features too on your fav’s for those looking to expand their knowledge further! Great work Mellers!

    1. Thanks Ames! xx- I will be incorporating meditation and self love as well. I spoke about some of these in the previous blog. Thanks for the suggestions!

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