My Gypsy Goddess Box- April edition + Bike rides + Halos

Ok, so there is a women in the greater Moncton area who sells “goddess boxes” on a monthly basis.  Her name is Samulina Hebert and if you don’t know her, she is just the loveliest.  She has six children and is an amazing mama and owns her own business called, “My Gypsy Goddess Box.”  Look her up on Instagram @mygypsygoddessbox.  This woman makes having six kids look like a walk in the park (or circus as she likes to call it).  She is a vegan, a yogi, a postpartum doula and is an amazing cook- check her out on instagram and stalk her like I do 😉

February’s box was a naughty box in time for Valentine’s day with all sorts of goodies that you could use on yourself or….with a partner.  March’s box was all about self care and travel care- it was the March break travel box.  She typically tries to theme the boxes according to the time of the year.  And since March is when we all tend to get sick from the changing of the seasons; she incorporated a lot of remedies for colds, digestion, etc.  March is also the month where a lot of people travel,(March break) so she also included mini organic shampoos, conditioners, lotion, etc,.  There is always a precious stone or two as well- last month it was stones that create a healthy body and immune system and then stones that are good for travelling purposes (keeps you safe, helps with jet leg, etc.)

April Box:

And this month-the box is Spring cleanse for the body and spirit.  I JUST picked it up this weekend and I LOVE it!  It came with some sage to help cleanse and detox your surroundings and I love the smell of sage and also the cleansing feeling I get when I sage my house.

It also came with a ten day detox and instructions as well.  There is the roll detox-retox which is a gentle cleanse and also helps with hangovers. (I went to a charity event on Saturday evening and had a few drinks and woke up with a bit of a headache- I rolled this on and I don’t know if it was placebo affect or not, but bam- I felt instantly better!)

And then there is the spring cleanse herbal blend and spring fling tea that you take daily to help the digestive system and to cleanse the liver and digestive tracts.

It also came with some herbal seeds to plant and a beautiful bracelet with lava stone and green aventurine (a precious stone that is good for luck and harmony and the lava stones are really great for absorbing essential oils – so a good way to wear oils during the day)

I get SO excited every time I get a box- it’s like opening a self care gifts from myself monthly.  Check it out and don’t miss out on the next one!

We went for a bike ride on Saturday and the girls helped clean and fix up their bikes beforehand.

I’m quite a pro at pumping up bike and wheelchair tires at this point (and even pumped up Matt’s van tires this weekend too) but doesn’t mean I ENJOY doing it, lol.

I enjoyed the bike ride/walk though….

And then after our biked ride, Leah and I folded laundry.

It was interesting, Matt recently got his hair cut and was sitting beside Leah and she was just staring at his head.  She finally spoke up and asked him why he has holes in his head.  We were QUITE confused until we realized what she was speaking about.

He has a spot on either side of his head where the hair no longer grows.  This is the spot where his halo was after the accident.  He was loopy because of the drugs, and the doctors had to make sure he didn’t try to move or get up so they connected a sort of halo onto his head, screwing it in on either side and there was a string attached at the back where they hung weights to ensure he couldn’t move his head/neck.  It was there for quite awhile and so now the hair doesn’t grow.  It was quite the interesting conversation to have with the girls- trying to explain this to them. Haha.  It is fascinating the perspective they are growing up with, with a father in a wheelchair.  *you can see the spots below)

I love how innocent children are and how unafraid they are to ask questions.  Children will walk up to Matt all the time and ask him why he doesn’t just get up and learn to walk again??  One little girl told him her mommy taught her to walk and she could probably help him.  Adorable!  They are fascinated by his chair and by what has happened to him.

Annnnnd sometimes, Monday’s are tiring and mama doesn’t feel like cooking….so grilled cheese sandwiches and beans for supper it was!  (this is what I get when I ask my family to smile!!!)

Then to make up for supper, girls and I had some healthy snacks (strawberries and grapes) last night before bed:

Matt had to go to the hospital as he wasn’t feeling well and had a fever (he’s okay now) so I was home alone = played on the mat and hit the hay!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!


Blissful Bhakti Babe


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