Monday at home! Biking, painting, chalk and an Easter lunch.

What a great way to end a long weekend.  The girls and I had a fabulous Monday.  We started the day off with some pj TV time and the girls would jump up randomly to practice their skipping.

They got ropes in their Easter baskets and they are obsessed with learning.  Especially Lily- she has been working really hard and has it almost down pat.

Now, random fact about me, but I was part of a skipping club when I was younger….yes you read that right, a skipping club.  We used to compete individually and also did doubles routines, group routines and double dutch routines, where we would do things like push ups inside of double dutch or skip with an individual rope INSIDE of double dutch.  It was SO much fun and I LOVED it.  My sister and I still do it once in awhile and remember our doubles routine like it was yesterday.  So- I told Lily that when we get home this evening I would show her some of the tricks I can do. Pics to come maybe?  If I don’t fall and break something….I’m getting old!

They are also quite obsessed with these tools that they got for Christmas.  Every day this weekend they had them out and they would “fix” things around the house.  They were both occupied with fixing the ottoman, sliding underneath of it the way you would to fix a car.  They must have seen this on a television show or something- pretty cute.

We also did some painting.  It’s funny how much set up there is for activities like this and then not so funny how much clean up there is afterwards.  But they LOVE creating crafts and it keeps them busy for a long time- worth it!

The girls got bike baskets and bike tassels in their Easter baskets as well, so they REALLY wanted to go for a bike ride and put their new Bunny stuffie in their baskets as they rode.  So, off we went.

They had a great time despite the coldness.  Leah surprised me with how many stuffies she managed to get into her basket without me knowing.

Plus her bunny on top!

We had a great time and got some fresh air and vitamin D.

And then we played with their new chalk.

It was actually surprisingly cold out, so we wrapped up in blankets afterwards and watched a little TV as we warmed up and the girls snacked on a fruit bowl.

Then we were off to Easter lunch at my dad and stepmom’s house.  My sister, her husband and kids were meeting us there. (Matt had to work 🙁 )



It was great seeing everyone and catching up and the kids each got a cute rice krispy “nest” filled with mini Easter eggs (M&M’s)- so creative.

We got back home and all went downstairs as I wanted to do a HIIT workout on the treadmill and get a bit of a workout with weights in.

The girls LOVE it when I go downstairs to workout as they love playing downstairs but not alone.   They also love watching me workout and they always want their own “turn” on the treadmill when I’m done (with me standing behind them for safety)

What a wonderful day, and now it’s back to work for a mere four days before it’s the weekend again!  My students are starting their oral presentations (either a speech, spoken word poetry, or a rant) and I always enjoy seeing their creativity when it comes to this assignment.  So, it should be a good week!

Happy Tuesday!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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  1. Nice workout and great to ride in the fresh air. Busy busy is good.

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