Mental Health + Swimming Lessons + Five Friday Favs

It’s nerve-racking being a mother with children in the school system.  It’s also nerve-racking being a teacher in the school system.  In this day and age, threats are becoming more and more common and it’s a difficult thing for our society and our community to deal with.  It’s a scary thing, and man it would be tough job being at district and determining when to close schools and when to keep them open.  I wouldn’t want to be in that position and I admire them for doing the best they can and working with the RCMP and schools to ensure our children and teachers are safe.  Today, there was a threat in our district and it really shook up the whole community and I think the RCMP and district did a great job making sure everyone was safe and parents were at ease.  The communication was exceptional.

I know, I wouldn’t change my profession for anything and I love my job and adore my students; I just want them to feel safe going to school.  I want my own kids to feel safe going to school because they deserve that.  I felt 100% safe throughout my education and loved school and I think it’s unfair that this right is being taken away from so many.

Mental health is also an issue, and I see it more and more as the years go on.  My door is ALWAYS open and I LOVE it (although it can be emotional and emotionally draining at times) when the students feel they can come talk to me if they need someone to talk too.  Mental Health is something that is near and dear to my heart as I deal with anxiety and ADD and many of my husband’s family deals with issues as well.

I’m going to an event this Saturday put on by Atlantic Wellness Community Center, called Bridge the Gap, which is a charity in support for youth mental health.

From what I can see, tickets are still available, so come on out and support a great cause!

The girls had swimming lessons last night and they had a BLAST.  They were a bit timid at first trying out a new pool, but as soon as they got in the water, that was forgotten.

We MIGHT have gone to Tim Horton’s and they had a grilled cheese sandwich for supper and a cookie afterwards to celebrate the first session.  Shhh.

This morning, after I got home from the gym, the girls and I made pancakes.  They LOVE pancakes and would eat them for every meal of every day!

This weekend should be fun, we have gymnastics starting up again, and I am going to the fundraiser for Mental Health and Wellness and hopefully we will have lots of relaxing going on around here as well.

Now for Five Friday Favs!

  1. My new Yoga cushions!  I have been looking for these for a long time and just happened to walk into a new store this week and BAM! There they were!  And not super expensive as well!   
  2. My new sunglasses.  I just love how bright they are and I love the tint!
  3. The girls giving daddy high fives after reading their homework book last night <3
  4.  I know this isn’t REALLY new, they have been out since 2017 but this is the first time I’ve received a new ten dollar bill that has a FEMALE on it!!! Anges Macphail – the first woman to be elected to parliament.  So cool!
  5. This meme that I saw today.  This!  This is something I teach in my Yoga 110 course when speaking of Mindfulness and Mental Health.  That being kind to yourself is making sure you are surrounding yourself with things, people, places that fuel you and letting go of those that do no serve you.ALright! That’s it for now folks!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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