I am so clumsy!!!

What a great Monday!  I felt refreshed from my weekend and ready to start the week!  It was also nice to see my students as it has been four days since we had been together.  My writing club met at noon and we meet again tomorrow to practice on stage before they perform Wednesday.  I am SO excited and proud of them as I KNOW some of them are extremely nervous!  These kids have grown so much over the past year to two years and their pieces just blow me away.  Some give me goosebumps and some even bring tears to my eyes (they write about some pretty deep, sad, FICTIONAL-mostly, stuff).  They truly are incredible writers.

Despite having a wonderful day- I started off with the dropsies!  I usually have really good reflexes and hand/eye coordination, but do you ever have those days where you are just clumsy no matter what you do?  I dropped cups, food, and a plastic plate while making breakfast.  THEN I went to do my hair, plugged in my straightener and picked it up to use it and…..

Ahhhhhhh!!!!!  Thankfully I only wash my hair once a week- so it’s not worse case….but I touch up daily.  So this is sad!

And, last night my mom told me I could borrow one of hers until I can get a new one.  So, I ran over to her house in my slippers and house coat to pick it up!  Matt was horrified, haha.

A healthy, yummy supper!  Salmon, sweet potato, broccoli and cucumber.  Thank goodness I married a man that likes to cook!  And also cooks healthy!

One of my best friends just moved into her own house and is slowly fixing it up and making it her own.  Her style is AMAZING and totally “her.”  And with her permission, I am allowed to post this creative project she did.  We have worked/been involved with Camp Centennial for the past 15 years (almost double that for her!) and she compiled all of the hoodies/shirts with the different mottos and logos and took pictures of them and framed them.  Isn’t this BEAUTIFUL?????  How creative is she?????



Also- my girls are creative…they discovered how to tie hair bands together to make bracelets and necklaces.  Unfortunately they did this without permission and now ALL of our hair bands are in knots….haha.

It has been so lovely and refreshing to be able to GET outside after school with the girls!

And, Auntie Lauren came over and helped us with the winter recycling.  It was actually really fun as I LOVE organizing things, and apparently have passed this on to the girls- who were REALLY excited to help.  I kid you not, Leah started to half-cry when there were no more bottles to sort.  Really????

And I got to play around on the mat tonight.  Matt had a meeting and so I was home alone…and spent the whole time just goofing around trying out new moves.  And I did a flow as well.

Played around with the girls hair also- fish tails and ponytail flips for the win!   If only they would let me do this more often.

And how many of you put together forts with your kids?  Mine are obsessed with them!

Happy Tuesday!  How insane is it that we are already MORE than halfway through April!

Enjoy the BEAUTIFUL, WARM rain out there!  Snow be gone!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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