Homework, bruises and the chicken dance!


So thankful for my amazing husband.  I wanted to switch my blog from blogger (blogspot) to my own website but wasn’t too sure how to do it.  So, we sat down at the Island together and went to work with out laptops.

We got a little nutty after awhile:

But we did it!  And he had fun with it- he is one of those annoying people who knows everything and knows how to do everything and knows pointless facts about everything.  But, it often comes in handy!

It’s been SO much fun writing this blog; I’ve been enjoying the writing process so very much.  However, new site = learning all over.

Yoga- I’ve been getting on the mat every day and trying new (and old- but haven’t done them in awhile) moves.  I’ve been having a blast and sweating a LOT, but I was a little rough on myself the other day…

How cool is that bruise???

I played around quite a bit with one pose that is hard for me- flying pigeon.  I still can’t extend my back leg up towards the sky…but it’s coming along.

We had spaghetti for supper last night and Matt made us some turkey meatballs….that basically took over the whole plate!  It was yummy though!

Look at the size of them!! Haha

And then the girls got up randomly to do the chicken dance….

And then it was homework time.  The girls need to practice their letters:

And then they need to read a book every week.  I really enjoy this time as we cuddle on the couch and really they get to read TWO books as they each bring one home. #twinproblems

As always, representing – Kissing Rocks Kombucha hoodie!

Can you tell we had just eaten?  Food in teeth and spaghetti mustaches all around! Ha!

Tonight, we are heading back to swim lessons.  We take the winter session off as it’s hard to fit it in and really cold for them getting out of the water and going outside.  So, they are going into their next session and they are REALLY excited.  They LOVE swim lessons, I’d say probably even more than gymnastics!  Should be fun!

Happy Thursday!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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