Easter Long Weekend!

Wow!  What a fun, jam-packed weekend with lots of family and friends.  To make it even better, the sun was shining down for most of it and although it was extremely windy, that wind made a significant amount of snow disappear.  Less snow helped make it feel more like Easter weekend!

We started out with dinner at my mother’s Friday evening.  The girls and I arrived early and Matt came after his bike ride.  When we got there mom had put out this:

These are my favourite and I had them GONE before Matt arrived.

The girls had a great time doing Easter crafts and watching Paw Patrol before supper was ready and waiting for daddy to arrive.

And then we finally had supper.  It was DELICIOUS turkey dinner with every kind of vegetable you could think of.  It was the most colourful plate and unfortunately I was too hungry and forgot to take a picture of it, but here is what the set up of the table looked like.


We went to a park Saturday.  It is this secret, hardly used park here in Riverview, not even five minutes away from our house.  It has this swing zip line that swings the kids around in a circle and a pretty good speed and it is SO much fun!  No waiting either as we were the only ones using it.

Daddy came with us, but it was too muddy for him to really go anywhere so he took pictures and videos of us from the car.  And we made sure to wave to him.

This park really is  so neat.

And then we went for a drive around the back parts of Riverview, just enjoying the views.  Matt and I used to go for drives to just enjoy time together quite often but when the girls came, after they stopped falling asleep in cars, they would cry and want to be home so it wasn’t as enjoyable.  This time they were the ones who asked if we could drive and not go RIGHT home.  So we did.  It was so fun, with lots of singing….and listening to their secret, made up language.

Then EASTER day came, and the Easter bunny found us.

And the girls had a blast with their Easter egg hunt.

They were pretty happy with their findings and may have had chocolate for breakfast.  Hey, once in awhile is okay right???


And we ended the day with a lovely supper at Matt’s aunt’s house.  The girls were lucky enough to have another mini Easter egg hunt there and also were given these beautiful glass cactus cups.

And they also got some cross word puzzle books and colouring pages, so we were quite occupied while we waited for dinner.

For dessert, Matt’s cousin, Monica, made this AMAZINGLY rich and delicious and BEAUTIFUL cake.

We really had a great, family-filled weekend and I am so grateful for the time we got to spend together as a family and with extended family and friends.  We certainly are blessed.  And it isn’t over yet!  Today, we have Easter lunch at my dad and step mom, Becky’s house with my sister’s family as well.  Should be fun!

Happy Monday from us to you!

PS- you might have noticed…..Blissful Bhakti Babe got a facelift!  New site and I’m super excited about it!  Thanks to my amazing husband!  I will chat about it in my next post.


Blissful Bhakti Babe xx

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  1. Was thinking of dropping in at Leonard & Becky’s after TaiChi today and changed my mind… When we have a good idea, we should not drop it! I would have been able to see you all! Miss seeing you!

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