Dinner at Nana’s + New plant table + Succulents

It was SO beautiful outside yesterday that I took my yoga class to the field so we could reap the benefits of the sunny weather!  We went out to the field in the front of our school and we did a walking meditation.  I LOVE this class and was excited to do it.  We walked in a circle, at a slow pace for close to a half an hour.

I guide them through it, bringing their attention and awareness to the sensations they are feeling as they slowly plant the soles of the feet upon the earth and lift.  It’s so interesting as we often just walk with the intent of getting somewhere, but when you walk just to simply enjoy the movement and take everything in, it’s fascinating how different the experience is.  And I also instruct them to take in all the smells and sounds that come with being outside.  Walking meditation is about having all the senses involved and also distractions- allowing them to be, acknowledging them and then releasing them.  We discussed it afterwards, and the students really enjoyed it.  Then we did a flow for the final portion of class.  What a great way to end a school day!

After, I went to pick the girls up and we went to my mom’s house for supper.  This is what she made us:

It was so, so yummy and had a bit of kick to it.  Not to mention how healthy it is!  The girls had rice, meatballs, salad and a bit of shrimp.  Her meatballs are their favourite!

Lily was quite excited to show me her new dance moves. Haha, the disco move!

And I bought a new plant table- with this BEAUTIFUL mosaic tile pattern on top.  I almost don’t want to put anything on it!  The girls and mom helped me put it together.

For a bit, then they got distracted with popping the bubbles from the bubble wrap- and discovered it was more fun if you JUMPED on it.

And then we played outside!

There was a pheasant and so many birds close by as my mom has seeds for them, so the girls were obsessed with the pheasant who kept making noises and coming close by.  They named him Neville- as a Harry Potter die-hard – I loved the name choice.

And of course, we were at Nana’s so the girls had a snack- gummies- for dessert.

And of course, some cuddling before we went home to get ready for bed.

I bought some new succulents and when we got home, I had fun arranging them on my new plant table.

Now I have two plant corners- one on either side of my dining room cabinet.

And today is ALREADY beautiful out!  I hope you all get to be outside today to enjoy it!  I will, after work for sure!

Happy Hump Day!


Blissful Bhakti Babe

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