Bike Rides, Girlfriends and Cuddles

Friday night was a WILD one for Matt and I!!!  We got home from school, and I went for a bike/scooter/walk with the girls.

Matt’s car was at the shop not too far from our house, so the girls and I took off to go get it.  They scootered and I walked.  They thoroughly enjoyed scootering through the puddles.

Then we drove back and I parked on a street and Leah hopped out to scooter some more.  Lily was cold so she stayed in the van with me. (don’t worry, I’m not driving here!)

And then they took our their old trike and had a lot of fun giving each other rides.

After the girls went to bed is when it got really wild.  Matt did the dishes and cleaned the kitchen and I moved all the furniture and swept the floors!!!!  And then we went to bed at 10pm. (which is actually late for us)  And guess what??  We both woke up with pretty bad headaches!  What is that about????

Saturday, the girls got ready for gymnastics and set themselves up with pretend beds in the living room.

Why do we even bother having furniture??  They never use it haha.

PS- this is what happens when you have a gymnastics suit on and have to use the bathroom. Haha, she got stuck and came out to ask for help.

Gymnastics- a good time for me to get some work done – Matt had to bike so I was solo.

And the girls are getting really good at the balance beam.

And then after gymnastics, we had a birthday party to go to.  They girls were pretty excited about this as it’s the first party they’ve gone to with their SCHOOL friends as opposed to their daycare friends.

This isn’t even ALL of the bouncy castles, there are three others that you can’t see in this pic!  How am I going to live up to this for birthday parties???  (these parents OWN a bouncy castle business!)

They saw a kid with pink hair a few MONTHS back and have been talking about it ever since.  Well, I was at Superstore on Friday and saw THIS, and thought MOTHER OF THE YEAR!

Kidding, but I did get it and this was the result.  Adorable!

Saturday was another WILD night- movie and cuddles!!!  This is my FAVOURITE kind of weekend!

Sunday, we had a pretty busy day.  We meal prepped, and of course Matt had to bike for, like fifteen hours, like he does every day.  And Matt’s sister, Lauren came to hang out with us for the day.

And I got to go out to lunch with these fabulous ladies!

We went to Dolma’s in the upstairs restaurant, which is beautiful and has fabulous food!

And we ended the weekend with some laundry, and getting ready for the week.  Last week was a BUSY week with workshops, and Parent/Teacher (not to mention that it was the most emotionally taxing parent/teacher I’ve ever been through- it breaks my heart to know what some of these kids go through!!! AND parents 🙁 ) So, I’m excited for a pretty calm week!

Although, I do have a hair apt and an appointment with my gal Tina….so it should be a FUN week!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!  Until tomorrow!  Namaste

Blissful Bhakti Babe


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