Addicted to this jewelry + gymnastics + naps

When I was in China, I bought this BEAUTIFUL mala bead with a gorgeous semi-precious stone at the end of it.  It caught my eye from across the market and I hummed about it for awhile as I didn’t want to spend anymore money.  Well, I ended up going BACK for it as I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  And it became my favourite mala to meditate with and to just wear to work.

Then, I went to PEI, with a few girlfriends and stayed at my mom’s cottage and alas, my poor mala broke all over her patio.  I quickly picked up the pieces and was lucky as most of the necklace had stayed intact and I only lost one bead.  I started to ask around to see if someone could fix it for me.  I have a couple friends who make their own malas but no one could do it.

I don’t know why I didn’t think of Sarah Jayne from http:://

But eventually I came to my senses and approached her at the Moncton Market about it.  She, with NO hesitation, said yes, even though she has a thriving business selling and making her own stunning jewelry.  She took mine and fixed it for $15!!!  I couldn’t believe it!  And I’m so, so happy to have this necklace back.

Now, not to mention I’m addicted to Sarah’s stuff as well.  I have to avoid her booth at the market and can only stop by once a month because I can’t go look at her stuff and leave without buying something!

My recent favourite is this agate slice chocker necklace.

This is a pic of my friend Tammy and I from when we attended work of heart.  I am wearing my choker but here is a closer pic of it:

Mine is the brown one front and centre.  Stunning.

She’s so talented and has so much variety.  I also have a choker from her with an amethyst attached.  There is a large stone at the centre and then tiny ones on the end that can dangle down.  You can wear this necklace in four different ways.

Mine is the purple one in the centre.

She also makes earrings and bracelets and all sorts of beautiful pieces.  I just got a pair of earrings from her that are made from beach glass.

And I have some wooden earrings and these beautiful silver ones that are shaped into multiple triangles.

This is my next victim, unless it’s already been sold.

You should definitely check her out on FB or on instagram @sarahjaynedesign

And no, even though it sounds like it, I’m not sponsored lol….I just legitimately love her stuff.  Don’t tell me husband 😉

My girls have been obsessed with balancing on my bosu ball.  They are getting quite good at it though.

As soon as we got home yesterday, the girls wanted to do crafts.  These kids are so into making things with art supplies, I can’t keep up with the supplies!

And after Leah was done with this craft, she put the finished project by my bed on my night stand and I only saw it once I went to bed.  What a sweetheart.

Does anyone else have a five year old who loves smoked salmon as much as this one does???

I had an awesome day yesterday but apparently I was wiped out.  The girls and I sat down after dinner to cuddle and watch a show and Matt caught this one his phone.

Don’t worry though, the girls still had enough energy to practice their gymnastics before bed.

And random- new, fun spring nails from my girl Tina!

Makes me feel spring’ish’ 🙂

Happy Hump Day Everyone….ignore the snow that is happening outside…at least it’s a high of 4 today- so it won’t last!


Blissful Bhakti Babe


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