SNOW DAY + play dates + Five Friday Favs


And bonus- it’s a snow day.  We got SO much snow, that it is a little depressing with it being Spring and all, but we got a snow day out of it-so I will take it.  I was able to sleep in, and then the girls and I did some My Little Pony crafts before we had a play date with my bestie Alicia and her children.  Alicia and I have known each other for about 12 years now.  We are in the same book club and we also got pregnant with our first child(ren) at the same time (Born six days apart).  I had the twins and she had her boy, Alfie, and we were on maternity leave together which was amazing.  And then a year later, she got pregnant with twin girls who were born in the same month as mine.  What are the chances?  The kids have all known each other since birth and are more like cousins than friends.  It’s pretty sweet to see them all playing together:

Here they are playing a really fun game called “throw all of the stuffies on the ground…..” good times had by all….

They had a really great time and it helps to break up the day and also get them active on a blizzard snow day!

This afternoon my sister and her kids came over as well.  So the girls had lots of interaction with their closest friends/cousins today!

This came up in my memories today :

They have been doing yoga with me for a few years now, and used to have the patience to do it for awhile.  My goal is to try to get them to do more of it with me, but they are really into gymnastics right now, which is great as, Owen, my mentor/second father figure from Camp always said that flexibility is one of the key elements to a healthy body and we are born so flexible but lose it so quickly if we don’t keep it up.  I would wish for my girls to maintain this throughout their lives and gymnastics is a great way to keep this going!

What a nut!

Ok- Five Friday Favs!

1.My girl Tina (Kissing Rocks Kombucha founder) is an amazing gal.  We’ve known each other since about grade 6 and she is a jack of all trades- and amazing at anything she touches.  She does nails on the side and has been doing mine for I don’t even know how long.  I’m obsessed with this shade

Like honestly, look at the precision and the gloss!!!!???

BUT, besides that- she is a gal who LOVES organics, and being environmentally friendly and is talented when it comes to creating home-made products.  Throughout the years I’ve been blessed that she has gifted me with different body/face products.  She has just recently given me a face MASK (featured on the right) and I’m excited to try it out!  The gal has talent!

AND- not to mention that this lady is FIT, competed in physical competitions and now, is 1/2 the face of Kissing Rocks Kombucha (the other half is the gorgeous, talented, lawyer, Elsa Wedge)

2. So- I went to China this summer with 40 students and it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever gone through!  These kids were AMAZING and I think I will remain connected to some of them for the rest of my life.  When I travel, I collect Starbucks coffee mugs from all the places I go to, but for some reason I forgot to get one from China.  I knew a student from my school going to China for March break and MENTIONED IT IN PASSING and lo and behold: (THIS is one of the reasons why I LOVE teaching) What a sweetheart- she surprised me with this when she came back.  How amazing is this?  A student traveled all the way to China and thought of her TEACHER while she was there?  Incredible.

3. I wanted clear glasses, and usually I have to wait every few years before I get new glasses because of insurance….but I was dire- so I ordered off of this site, and it was so simple and easy.  As long as you have your subscription, it is quick and efficient.  You just have to trust that it will look good on you (you can also measure these things and even take a picture of yourself and put the glasses on you) : this is the website:

Anyone have experience with this site????  If so – please comment!

4. Kombucha to get me through professional development when I’d rather be in the classroom:

5. The girl who kicked my butt into doing this blog has won an AMAZING AWARD!

Angela Harris is a coach, mentor, entrepreneur, mother and wife!  Founder of Work of Heart- this lady is creating an amazing atmosphere in Moncton by hosting events and showings, etc.  Many people have found their voice, and purpose though this ladies work!  Congrats and kudos Ange!

Alright- I hope you all have a fabulous weekend and I will see you on Monday!

Namaste Beautiful Blissful Bhakti Babes!

And one of Lily working on her splits.

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