Snow Day, and Randomness.

Yesterday was a snow day!

I left this in Europe:

No jacket, warm skies, and beautiful views.

To come home to this today:

BUT, that equals a snow day which allowed me to sleep in and get adjusted to the time change and time difference.  It also allowed me time to watch a movie (Frozen) in the morning with the girls and have story time as well.

We listened from the top bunk as daddy read the story from below. 🙂

Can’t complain too much about the views here either I guess! 😉

It has been nice settling back into being home with my family.  The girls and I watched Frozen and did crafts and then spent some time outside in the fresh snow and fresh air.  I absolutely love snow shoeing and have been doing it with the girls essentially since they were born.

And now that they are older, they are quite fond of it as well.

We are so lucky to have this in our back yard!  New Brunswick is such a beautiful place with so much green space (ok, well it’s white right now….)

And then we came home to some hot chocolate and to watch Moana!  Best snow day ever!

Okay on to random tangents, so I’m not a huge fan of New Years resolutions as I feel they don’t tend to stick and then we are left feeling like we have failed ourselves.  I like to write things down or create motivational boards and put things out into the universe that I want to happen and then work towards it, knowing that they will each have their own time and place and some things take longer than others to happen.  However, I did make a promise to myself that I would read more this year and since January I have read over 8 novels! (and not one of them was a Harry Potter novel!)

So- right now I am reading this novel,

and I’m really enjoying it.  She is refreshing, and honest and easy to read.  She also introduced me to the ability to do EFT, (Emotional Freedom Techniques) on yourself as opposed to seeking it out by a professional.

Tapping is something I’ve always been interested in but thought it could only be done if you sought out a professional.  Gabrielle Bernstein shows you a simple technique that you can use anywhere, anytime.  One script she provides is a way to release stress and I used it as I was travelling with my students and felt a great deal of release with it.

I highly recommend this novel as it also goes through how we judge others and why we do it and how it only hurts ourselves and not those whom we judge.  Inspiring novel.

Ok……tangent done.

Time to do homework with the girlies…..

Namaste Blissful Bhakti Babes.


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  1. Awesome blog Mel! You have inspired me to do some blogging for REVIVD which has been on my list to things to do for awhile. Thank you!!

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