Shopping Local! Feather quills and randomness

Wow!  The Greater Moncton area is really blowing up lately don’t you find?  It’s pretty incredible how many things are available right here in our city.  Buy local-it’s the way to go!

My new obsession- Tipsy Unicorn  This gal is the coolest, and I want to be just like her! (well her and Frankie from Grace and Frankie, as I’ve mentioned before)

This is her story:

Handcrafted by one person in micro-batches at the time of ordering to ensure the integrity and freshness of the all natural ingredients, we offer original body oil mists, solid deodorants, beard creams, balms/pomades and more for all the unicorns out there!

She uses only vegan and organic ingredients and works with only ethical suppliers (one of which is the sole supplier to LUSH and is Leaping Bunny certified). Everything we use is cruelty-free and of course we do NOT test on animals (going for Leaping Bunny certification when financially possible – it isn’t free LOL). When you buy Tipsy, you can trust that it is all vegan, organic, ethically sourced, non-GMO, gluten free, made with the least amount of energy usage and waste…

This came in the mail today!

I get so excited every time I get a package from her as not only is it pretty but it always comes with samples of all sorts of fun items that I wasn’t expecting!

I was excited but Matt was super bummed as he opened it up and thought the two items that look Reece shaped were edible….quickly he realized how wrong he was!**Hence why one is hidden in the back*** Don’t worry- I found him some chocolate to help with the taste in his mouth, haha.

FYI random facts – New Moon in Pisces is coming up this week!  I will be writing about it later this week on the blog and putting together some yoga moves for it, keep tuned if you wanna follow along!

Update on Lily- she woke up several times Sunday night and seemed to be lucid dreaming as she has no recollection of speaking to me.  She kept talking about not being able to “reach for it,” but couldn’t explain what she was reaching for.  She also kept falling asleep while speaking and I had to carry her back to bed.  Paranoid mama, I also went in to make sure she was still breathing a few times.

She looked much better Monday evening and her spirits were back to normal:

Yes, she has broccoli sticking out of her mouth and her sister is holding her head (with a blue-painted hand) so I could take the picture.

Also- people asked me if my “mom guilt” was gone yet (ensuring me that it was not my fault) and I said, “Yep, sure is” and showed them this!

I saw these at Tim Horton’s and couldn’t help myself!  They looked so cute, so I bought them for the girls for dessert after supper….mom guilt gone!  (don’t worry, they had to eat their broccoli first!)

They were beyond excited!

Where did Leah learn to pose like this???  Haha, she does it ALL. OF. THE. TIME!  And it’s not from me, I would look more awkward than this.

And this is why I LOVE my job!  Our students at our school are SO amazing, and doing amazing things.  I work with two groups in our school, ImaginAction and (help out with) the Respect, Equity and Diversity group (RED) and the RED group are putting together an assembly soon and created these beautiful posters to advertise.


Kids are amazing, and the ones I work with make me feel great about the state of our future!

My girls are obsessed with essential oil diffusers.  I’ve had mine for several years now, but have just recently gotten one (a few months ago) for their room.  They just LOVE it and love experimenting with different scents.  Last night, we had Ylang Ylang and Vetiver diffusing and Leah came running into my room to exclaim, “Mommy, I just adore the smells you made in our room tonight” yep, she used the word adore!

Goals for this month- decrease my coffee intake from a pot and a half to 3/4 of a pot.  Think I can do it?  I’ve only had one cup today and only brought two more to work.  However, I made a full pot of tea to make the day easier. (White, peppermint and ginger mix)

Also, I kept forgetting to bring my new pen to school.  I bought this feather quill at the Harry Potter shop at Platform 9 3/4 in London and forgot about it until I spotted it in my purse last night.  This pen almost makes me excited to mark…..

That’s it for now, hope everyone has a great day!  I’m sure I will as I have a pot full of tea, a quill pen and I learned how to french braid my own hair after six years of trying!

Namaste BBB!

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