Pressure sores and mom guilt

Hey Blissful Babes,

I hope everyone had a great, restful weekend.  We sure did, and it was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things.  Coming back from Europe, last week, I felt like I was in a fog the whole time, just plugging through until the weekend.  The hubby let me sleep in both days and I’m feeling back to my normal self….as normal as that is….

St. Patrick’s Day- man, it sure looks different now that we have two children!  I remember (vaguely) St. Patrick’s days of the past, living in Halifax and singing into the late hours of the night.  I’m not going to lie, I don’t miss it, and I enjoyed my St. Patrick’s day even better than any of those.  I spent the Eve, setting this up for the girls.

Little did I know that they would wake up at THREE AM and get so excited they would have trouble going back to bed!  #momfail ???  or #momwin ???  (and yes those are hearts on the door, I put one up for every day in February with notes on how special they are and now they won’t let me take them down)

Every leprechaun needs a pot of gold right?  Ours is just a pot of candy….even better in my eyes.

And then for breakfast we had green milk and green cereal.

So, we had a pretty relaxing weekend as Matt has a bit of a pressure sore- a complication from sitting in a wheelchair all day, every day.  So he needed to be out of his chair as much as possible.

It was fine though as I have been away so I wanted some girl time anyway, so the girls and I went to the market to get some Kombucha from my girl, Tina, and to pick up some treats and lunch for daddy.

If you haven’t tried this Kombucha out yet, get on it!  I am obsessed with Kombucha and have been drinking it for years, and I’m not lying, this is my favourite!!  Check it out on instragram @kissingrockskombucha or on Facebook:


Then, we came home to help daddy out on the bike!  He had a test to do, and even though it hurts to sit in a chair, the way his body lies in his bike, it’s actually super comfy for him, so he still got to get his ride in.  But he needed us to time him and cheer him on, which I LOVE doing because I get to be bossy and the girls love doing because they get to dance and cheer for him.

I mean c’mon!!!  Look at those arms!!! <3

On Sunday we got up and had a lazy morning watching movies in our PJ’s, but then mom guilt starting to set in so we got up and decided to paint some Easter eggs!

It’s funny isn’t it, that we spend so much time setting these things up and then only end up doing it for a short amount of time?  However, as the girls get older they are able to sit still for these activities a little bit longer.  I remember when they were three, I’d set up painting, and they would be over it in five minutes.  When we painted the eggs, at least they were occupied for an hour.


And then after painting eggs and eating lunch we decided to go sledding.  It was such a beautiful LOOKING day (it was beyond cold once we got out there) and so we wanted to get outside and enjoy the sun.

We went to the Riverview Sliding hill, which if you haven’t gone before, it’s a great place with lots of different hills to slide on.

We had a blast!  And soon forgot how cold it was because we were running up the hills

to slide back down and were quite warm from it!

We were having so much fun, but Daddy was in the car (he came because we thought he’d be able to watch us slide down from inside the car, but we had not been before and when we got there the hill was on the back side and the parking was in front, so poor daddy had to sit in the car for 1.5 hours while we had fun).  So, I told the girls one more slide down and then we were going to go have hot chocolate with daddy…..

OF COURSE, I was sliding down with Lily one final time and we lost control on a patch of ice and flipped and Lily scraped her face on the snow and she flipped a few times and then I landed on top of her and her face made contact with my shin.  Poor thing. 🙁

We got her all checked out and she’s fine, but has a concussion and was really tired for the rest of the day.

Talk about MOM GUILT!!!  I couldn’t sleep because I kept reliving falling on top of her and felt so bad because she was having so much fun but then couldn’t really remember the fun times, just the hurt from her fall.  She also woke up lots of was having lucid dreams and fell asleep in our bed.

The mom guilt- can anyone relate to this?  It wasn’t my fault, or anyone’s that we fell, but I just felt so horrible and wished I had gotten hurt and not her.  Matt had to reassure me a few times and tell me to stop worrying.  I got up several times throughout the night to check on her and make sure she was still breathing because I’m crazy!  The mom guilt is real, isn’t it ladies?

Needless to say, today she won’t be participating in gym and we will be having a low key night with lots of cuddles on the couch!

Have a great day folks!
Namaste <3

2 thoughts on “Pressure sores and mom guilt

  1. That sliding story brings back my mom guilt big time even at least 13 years later – my youngest loved speed and we were at the Centennial Park hill and I was always overly cautious but her dad convinced me to RELAX. Down she went, hit a mogul worthy of an Olympic hill, and face planted on ice! Screaming like a banshee I raced down the hill and threw myself on her just as she raised her beautiful face to show me Blood �� Hospital visit because I was convinced she must have broken her nose/jaw something but all was good. The ice rash lasted a long time but somehow it became a little joke – “It isn’t fun sliding until somebody bleeds” (we have a weird sense of humour lol). Your weekend sounds wonderful and you are a superwoman just for being a mom I figure lol

  2. Thanks lady! We are all super women aren't we? Lol. We had a blast until the fall and hopefully it doesn't hold her back from going again! The ice rash is pretty nasty…hope it heals nicely.

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