Matt called me a liar! Plus, some random stuff for hump day.

Editor’s Note- Matt read my post about him and called me a liar!  He said I made him seem too great and forgot to mention that there are some things he can’t do….and that MAYBE, sometimes I complain about certain things, especially about having to shovel, haha.  Well, I’m sorry but I HATE shoveling (but he’s not too good at it….so it’s up to me! 😉 )

And also- we can’t have rugs- so I guess I left that out too.  We tried once, in the girls nursery, but it was constantly getting caught up in his wheels. #wheelchairproblems

This is the rug

***Another shot- also random tangent and interruption of my own story- take note of the beautiful painting behind the cribs done by the fabulous Neil Hocking!

***And also- our cribs were hand-build for us (made out of one crib cut in half) and built at a higher level with bi-fold doors so Matt could access the girls by wheeling underneath. The doors shut and locked at both the bottom and top and the actual sides of the crib were much higher than your average, typical crib, so they couldn’t climb out.

Back to Matt calling me a liar about him being perfect, haha- try keeping the floors clean when Matt can’t just “take off his wheels” like we do our shoes at the front door, after stepping/wheeling through snow/rain/mud, etc.  We constantly have tracks running through the house.  Which sucks for him, because there is no hiding from all the females in his life…we can easily find him or figure out where he hid the chocolate!  Ha.

But, hey we all have our things!  I suck at saving money, and have a bit of  a spending problem and I also clean away his important documents if he leaves them on the cupboard too long and then forget where I put them.  I also can’t cook to save my life, thankfully Matt is an AWESOME cook and actually ENJOYS cooking!  And I have crazy high energy and am always on the go, whereas Matt would enjoy staying home more.  Haha- sorry Matt!

There!  Honesty, but honestly, I wasn’t lying and he was just embarrassed (and secretly happy) about how much I talked him up in my life after chair post.  He honestly does make life easy for all those around him (MOST of the time) and you would never know his struggles because he would never tell you.

SPEAKING of my shopping problems, I’ve been trying to spend less and spend more efficiently and I’ve been purging my house, room by room.  It has felt amazing!  And getting rid of things and living with less makes me way less anxious and makes me feel more balanced.  I’m still not where I want to be, but I’m enjoying the process and have been reading a few books on it.  This was my first one: and I LOVED it!  Such an easy, honest read.  Very raw.

And now I’m on to my next read on “less is more” :

Anyone ever read this one?  Let me know your thoughts….I’m interested and looking forward to it.

I mentioned in yesterday’s post that:   Tipsy Unicorn was dropping off

some essential oil for me in a beautiful antique bottle and here it is:

And, so sweet, she read my blog about Matt having a pressure sore and she made him a little dish of healing balm to put on it.  Matt saw it and said, “why does this have my name on it” and I explained what it was and he put it on shortly after!  He was a bit disappointed as he said it smells so good, it smells edible, and he wanted to eat it instead….but he was thankful nonetheless.

And a pic from last night’s bed time story:

And a meme I saw today and laughed out loud….can anyone relate to this???

Alright- happy hump day folks!

Blissful Bhakti Babe

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