Life before and after the chair + weekend shenanigans

This man does so much for our family!  He truly is an amazing person.  Sometimes, I watch him do simple things that take us minutes to achieve (dishes, getting dressed, etc) and how he labours through it…all while smiling, making fun of the girls and/or joking around….not a thought of how much work and effort he has to go through to do normal, day to day activities.  And I fall in love with him even more when I witness this.

This man did not skip a beat when he was injured.  I walked into the hospital room (after he was conscious) and he looked at me and APOLOGIZED for “ruining our dreams”.  He was immediately focused on how this was going to affect those around him and not concerned with himself, whatsoever.  He just felt bad, and felt like he had let people down. 

We had planned on moving over to China or Korea after we graduated and to teach and travel for a few years.  And clearly that changed in a blink of an eye.  We spent about six months here while he recovered from multiple surgeries and then went to Toronto for a year while he rehabbed.  But….life changes, and there are bigger plans than what any of us could envision.  And I wouldn’t change it for the world.  And while I was more worried about him and his recovery and what was going to happen next….he was worried about ME and about what HE had done to OUR life… honestly….he is one of a kind.

Yes, we stayed here, and things (SO many things) changed.  Our roles as a couple changed, our dynamics changed and we had to mourn the life we had before the chair.  We also had to mourn the life we ENVISIONED before the chair.  But man, this new life has brought so many new perspectives, and so many glorious things- like Lily and Leah for instance. 

We also grew as people, going through so much at such a young age, I think made us view the world differently.  They say that 99% of the time, couples break up because of injuries like this and honestly, it wasn’t even a thought for either of us. 

If I’m being honest….a few years AFTER the injury our relationship was tested.  He went through a depression (that skipped the time of the injury when it usually occurs and only came on a few years later) and pushed me away…HARD, and he almost succeeded, and then I also dealt with anxiety….but we pulled through.

It’s interesting too, one of the reasons you see me travel today (despite having young children) is because Matt knows it was so important for me and what I wanted to do BEFORE marriage, kids, jobs, etc., and because our plans changed he PUSHES me to do these things NOW.  Even though it’s not the BEST, most convenient time…he pushes me to do it.

So anyways- sappy tangent over…..moving on, we had a wonderful weekend, where the girls allowed us to sleep in both days (until about 8).  However, that doesn’t mean THEY were asleep.  We were thinking our girls were amazing and we could hear no shenanigans happening, but when I got up to turn the coffee on, I heard lots of commotion going on in their bathroom and found this:

 Leah had made a bed with pillows on the sides and toilet paper creating the walls.

And we came out to this in the main room:

This was the area where their little stuffies did “art”. (there was also a room for music, gym, colouring, etc) and below is the whole village :

Beautiful, but you might notice there was no way for Daddy to get from the bedroom to the kitchen where the COFFEE was … we clearly had to construct a road in the middle of this village.

My sister made me self conscious.  My kids grow like weeds and are so tall, that you can often see their bum cracks or ankles.  As an elementary teacher she ensured me that this is a pet peeve of teachers- so- we went shopping.

This was our first time shopping that didn’t consist of me simply picking things and bringing them home.  Well, they had a BLAST picking things out and the highlight for them was trying things on in the dressing room. 

One enjoys posing….one could care less:

(It may look like she’s posing, but she’s actually doing a yoga pose)

 (This one made me take multiple photos with various poses to see what looked better)

We also went for brunch with Matt’s family and had a lovely time catching up with everyone.   The girls also ended up going snow shoeing with Auntie Lauren and Cooper and spent a good amount of time outside in our winter wonderland. ***Where is Spring??? 

Now, we are on to Monday- and a short week ahead!  I hope everyone has wonderful Easter weekend plans!!!!

We don’t- lol, but I’m sure we will have a great week and weekend!

Namaste Beautiful Blissful Bhakti Babes!

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