The Goddess Gatherings

I attended a workshop a few weeks ago, just prior to travelling to Europe, called The Goddess Gatherings.

It is a workshop that a friend of mine runs and I was lucky enough to not only attend but to also be the yoga instructor for the day.

The retreat is a day for women to gather and to discuss their desires, and goals and to just be in the moment.  It is an opportunity to take some time for yourself and to be in a state on non-doing, a time where you are focused on yourself and the moment as opposed to living for other people and worrying about the future and how busy we are.

I know for me, I tend to overbook myself and am quite a busy person.  I don’t like to sit still and like to be on the go.  As a yoga instructor, this is my number one goal for myself- to focus on slowing down, slowing down my mind, and slowing down my body and life.  I sit in meditation every day but would like to expand the length of my meditations and to be focused on nothing but the breath for longer periods of time.

Retreats like this help me establish time to focus on these goals.  The Goddess Gatherings is done by Stephanie Johnston who is a facilitator of the Desire Map, created by Danielle LaPorte.

ALSO- the food is AMAZING and gorgeous!

So the Desire Map-

I had read this novel and was really looking forward to being lead through the workbook portion by Stephanie.  The cool thing about this novel, is, not only is it a self- help novel of sorts, but is also has a workbook that helps you put the tools from the novel into play.  Sometimes, I find I get so excited and highlight all the parts of a self-help book that speaks to me in hopes that I can incorporate it into my life.  The issue is, sometimes there is so much to be learned from these novels that it’s hard to know HOW to incorporate the tools into your daily life.

With the desire map, there is a workbook/journal section that asks you questions and makes you think about HOW you are going to change the way you live, and then added bonus, you can attend the Goddess Gatherings and have a facilitator (Stephanie) ask you the hard questions and help you make the moves you need in order to change or develop strategies for yourself.  I learn by doing and also love face to face help, so this is great for me.  Also, Steph has a very sweet and soft demeanor and a contagious smile and aura that you just want to be around!

Her next session is March 31, so if you’re looking for an opportunity to relax in a Nordic Spa, do some gentle yoga, meditate, journal, enjoy some healthy tea and snacks and get away for a day, I’d check her on on facebook!  Here is the link to the event.

Namaste Blissful Bhakti Babes, hope you are having a wonderful Saturday!

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